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Let me give you a heads up before showing you the list of Berea College courses for undergraduate study.

The number of international students applying to study at Berea College, USA is on the rise.

Quality education? yes! Chance to move to the USA? Great!

But then, Berea College provides 100% funding to 100% of enrolled international students for the first year of enrollment.

The great part is, this combination of financial aid and scholarships offsets the costs of tuition, room, board, and fees.

This university, located in Kentucky, United States of America is the only university in the United States that offer such funding.

That’s a big lure for many international students around the world.

But that’s not all. Hang on.

Berea College also provide part-time job for international students on enrollment.

So you get to work about 10 hours a week, using your wages to support yourself in school. Besides, we all got personal expenses to cover.

Don’t we? Certainly!

And as an international student, help with funding will go a long way.

Won’t it? A big YES.

Berea College is the place to be when thinking of studying in the USA.

For this reason, I decided to show you and other international students the list of courses offered at Berea College on this post.

Knowing fully well that applying to a university involves course selection.

Mind you, only undergraduate programs are offered at Berea College. The university does not offer masters and postgraduate courses.

Full list of undergraduate courses at Berea College, USA

Find all Berea College undergraduate courses below.

1. Accounting

2. African and African American Studies

3. Agriculture and Natural Resources

4. Appalachian Studies

5. Applied Science and Mathematics

6. Art

7. Art History

8. Art (Studio)

9. Asian Studies

10. Biology

11. Business Administration

12. Chemistry

13. Child and Family Studies

14. Child Development

15. Communication

15. Computer and Information Science

16. Dance

17. Economics

18. Education Studies

19. English (Literature)

20. English (Writing)

21. Environmental Studies

22. Finance

23. French

24. German

25. Health Studies

26. Health Teaching

27. History

28. Industrial Technology Management

29. International Politics and Policy

30. Latin

31. Management

32. Marketing

33. Mathematics

34. Music

35. Nusing

36. Nutrition and Food Studies

37. Peace and Social Justice

38. Philosophy

39. Physical education

40. Physics

41. Political Science

42. Pre-Dental

43. Pre-Law

44. Pre-Medicine

45. Pre-Veterinary Medicine

46. Psychology

47. Religion

48. Sociology

49. Spanish

50. Sustainability and Environmental Studies

51. Teaching and Curriculum

52. Technology and Industrial Arts

53. Theatre

54. Women’s and Gender Studies

There we go. So if you’re interested in any of the courses above, Berea College foots the bill.

Berea College Entry Requirements for international students

Entry into Berea College is based on your secondary / high school leaving certificate.

And, you must have passed subjects relevant for your chosen course.

Also, all international students must show proof of English language proficiency to be accepted into a course at Berea.

Berea College English requirement

Therefore, you’re required to obtain acceptable scores in any one of the following English tests.

English Test Minimum score required
SAT 980
ACT 19

(must have minimum score of 5 in all subscores)








not accepted

Berea College is also home to hundreds of international students. Though, I don’t have sufficient evidence of the exact number of international students enrollment each year. You can find out more from the university website: bereau.edu

Can I get a scholarship to study at Berea College?

Yes. Check out:

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  1. Do they have a masters degree in Studio Management,though l already have Ph.D in Educational Technology and can l be exempted from English Proficiency test based on my educational background

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