Challenges of studying abroad in 2022 | tips to help you prepare

Hopeful of studying abroad in 2022? Well, I decided to prepare this post aimed at showing you some challenges of studying abroad. It promises to also help you prepare adequately.

It is the wish of most Nigerians, as well as other international students to travel abroad for academic pursuit. The experience could be exciting and challenging at the same time.

However, this article will unfold the challenges a foreign student may encounter while schooling abroad and will also proffer solutions to it.

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Below are challenges you’ll likely encounter studying abroad in 2022.

* Language Barrier

Apart from English, which is an official language in most parts of the world, some countries still communicate with their languages. This could be strange for anyone that is not familiar with it.

Therefore, it will make it difficult for a person to communicate effectively. And your inability to understand the language could affect your academic performance.

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* Weather Change

During the first year, you may have difficulties in adapting to the change of weather. One will have to either deal with the extremely cold or harsh weather.

This change could affect your skin, making it more dry than usual or causes hair breakage. You may also experience slight health issues which will fade away as you spend more time there.

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* Different delicacy

The delicacies prepared in Nigeria (or whatever your country is) is entirely different from that prepared abroad.

If you are a lover of soup, it is sad to report that it may not come handy, especially in places like Russia, as the case may be in your home country.

You will have to learn to adapt and enjoy meals in whichever country you intend to go.

If London is your destination, you will have to enjoy their Fish and Chips. If it is Canada, look forward to eating their famous Salmon.

And if you are going to Japan, you will have to have a taste of Sushi. This is a major challenge for people who travel abroad.

* Cultural differences

The culture of countries differ greatly and being ignorant about it could result to culture shock. What one country practices as a norm could be irrelevant in another country.

Nigeria for instance, is very concerned with showing respect for elderly people by kneeling, prostrating or greeting. It is also insulting to address an elderly person without attaching Sir / Ma to their names. You know what’s obtainable in your country, in case you are not from Nigeria.

However in other countries, it could be seen as unnecessary. This could be a shock to you upon realization.

I have shown you the major challenges of studying abroad…as promised, let me offer some tips.

What can I do?

Now that you are aware of the challenges you may likely encounter immediately you travel abroad, it is advisable to be fully prepared for it, so you could have an enjoyable stay.

Below are few things to do:

1. Carry out an elaborate research on the weather conditions of the country you intend schooling at. This will enlighten you on what to expect and the appropriate clothing to purchase.

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2. Be aware of the language spoken in the country you intend schooling at. A prior knowledge will help you to begin learning by taking language classes while you await admission or travel passes.

Also, in an attempt to reduce financial expenses, you could download the translation app from the internet into your smart phone and proceed with learning.

3. Make findings on the culture, delicacies and religion of the country. It will prepare you mentally, thereby reducing the possibility of you having a culture shock.

You will also be conscious of how to relate with people and build healthy relationships.

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