Why you should study through distance learning in 2022

Planning to study by distance learning? I’ll show you why that’s a great plan on this post.

One of the many ways technology has made learning and education easier is the close proximity it created between knowledge seekers and knowledge centres.

Gone are the days when only traditional means of learning, i.e. class room style were the only option. Today, there is even more opportunity for you to acquire an education even from the comfort of your room.

Distance learning, otherwise known as online education, offers such opportunity.

To think that one can relax at the comfort of one’s home, shop, park, office or even by the beach-side and gain quality knowledge from tutors at institutions of higher learning around the world is an experience worth sharing. Here harbours the beauty of online education.

What distance learning is all about

Put simply, distance learning is a kind of education where learning is made possible through a ‘one on one’ interaction between students and tutors by electronic means or mail without having to be physically present in a classroom.

This is achieved through the use of electronic gadgets like internet enabled phones, I-Pads, and laptops or personal computers. Also check out Positive and negative effects of a smartphone (must read).

You can also leverage on distance learning to obtain a degree from a foreign university without having to physically travel there.

Moreover, most universities and colleges abroad are already distance learning-friendly through their online education courses, while few universities undertake distance learning programs in developing countries.

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student who desire a flexible learning mode overseas, distance learning offers a number of advantages. One of which is the ability to study from any part of the world with a computer or mobile device and good internet connection since courses are offered via correspondence or virtual classrooms.

Today, we have many people including professional men and women who take part in distance learning without having to worry about their jobs.

With distance learning now, one can attain greater heights academically without directly attending a university or college.

By the way, the National Open University of Nigeria is one of those schools that are distance learning friendly.

Why you should study by distance learning

Below are benefits of studying by distance learning.

1. You learn at your own speed

Distance learning offers students the flexibility and time to learn at their own speed and space regardless of distance and location. It makes distance of non-effect in the pursuit of high quality education.

One major benefit of distance learning is that you don’t need to be physically present at a designated location in order to study. You can study from home, the office, or even on transit, that is, if you can cope from there.

This is especially great if you are a business owner or working at a full time job without having to loose valuable working hours while pursuing higher education.

You learn at your own speed whether you are a tortoise or deer in academic ability.

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2. Saves time and money

One of the most visible advantages of distance learning is that it reduces financial expenditure and saves time.

How? Since you don’t have to be present at regular hours anywhere. You can take your courses in the morning, noon or night.

3. Aid enhancement of skills

Distance learning is a great idea if you desire to update an existing qualification to increase your earning potentials, wanting to change career, or enhance skills within a specific area.

Studying online on a part-time or full-time basis can be an excellent way to achieve those goals without necessarily having to give up on your current responsibilities.

That means you get to enhance your skills or acquire a higher degree, thus growing professionally from the comfort of your room without having to worry about your career.

4. Reduces stress

Wherever the subject of distance learning is discussed, the first thing that comes to mind is the relative ease at which you can earn a degree compared to traditional mode of learning.

All online education requires is a computer, tablet or mobile phone, an internet connection, plus your focus.

There is nothing more stress-relieving academically than taking lectures, submitting assignments, responding to questions from your home, office, or other location.

When studying by distance learning, you don’t have to worry about catching bus, being late for lectures, receiving lectures in overcrowded lecture venues, or registering courses at designated locations.

As a wife or nursing mother, distance learning is priceless. Whether you are preparing a child for school, or have to prepare meals, or you are in the room, kitchen or your business place, your learning continues.

5. Provides value to employers

In today’s competitive world, employers don’t have the patience of waiting for you to acquire a higher education while letting you still keep your job.

With distance learning, you can keep a job while studying at your own convenience without loosing valuable income by being laid off from work.

Polishing skills, and building on your qualification with your job guaranteed will provide value for your employer as you will become a more valuable employee without loosing valuable working hours.

Distance learning is a win-win situation.

In my opinion, distance learning is for every age notwithstanding. But its most suitable for the following categories of persons:

Business persons

Those caught up with business activities that they do not find enough time and space to enrol for a regular mode of education at their desired school.

Working-class individuals

Those who already have at least a basic degree/certificate and currently working but desire to go for higher knowledge in their field or other areas of interest.

Nursing mothers

Those engrossed with the responsibilities of taking care of their children and wards but with desire to further their educational pursuit at a university.

Prison inmates

Those kept in correctional facilities but are provided with internet enabled devices to acquire quality education through distance learning. That is why a good number of NOUN study centres at domiciled in correctional centres.

Educationally disadvantaged people

Those who live in remote areas with no access to higher education.

With the availability of internet enabled phones, they can enrol for distance learning courses and get the most from online education.

With all these advantages brought to the table, it is therefore no surprise why distance learning is fast becoming a household name and one of the best ways of advancing careers in a flexible way.

Distance learning is extremely beneficial if you have lots of responsibilities and chores at home, or have a full time job that doesn’t allow you time for conventional education or if you lack the means of covering the necessary distance to and from your desired university.

No need to worry about bus fares and prolonged lectures when studying online.

Contrary to what people may think, distance learning is a noble learning mode that gives you the privilege of studying on your own terms, and comfortably within your budget and schedule.

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