How to maintain a healthy life | 11 simple tips that free you

This post contains 11 simple tips to help you maintain a healthy life.

Deep down, we all have the same desires. We want a healthy life as much as we want a long life.

I mean, who doesn’t want a healthy life?

Healthy life does not involve physical health only. It encompass mental, physical and emotional health.

Because if anyone of them is detrimental or weak, the other will follow.

Healthy living means your physical, emotional and mental health are great.

Taking extreme care of your health can lead to increased productivity and less visits to the hospital for treatment.

Good health is not just about healthy eating but a positive mindset and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Planning to live healthy isn’t a decision for the future or old age. Anyone can start living healthy right from this moment.

This article will reveal the basic tips that are needed to start living healthy.

How do I live healthy?

Here are the 11 most important tips to living a healthy life. Application of these tips turns off poor health.

1. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables

Adding fruits and vegetables to your regular diet is a perfect way to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle (if this had eluded you).

While vegetables contain lots of nutrients that boost your immune system and protects you from disease-causing toxins that could be harmful to your health, fruits on the other hand contain high amount of antioxidants.

These help protect your body cells against free radicals that play a significant role in cancer and heart diseases.

Fruits and vegetables give more nutrients than other foods. Dietitians recommend that you make fruits and vegetables an essential part of your diet.

That way, your body will be more equipped to fight diseases and harmful toxins.

And you’ll look better too. You can also check out these tips to know a woman is beautiful.

2. Get enough sleep daily

For adults, its necessary to sleep for at least 7-9 hours each day to avoid stressing your brain.

Sleep enhances alertness. When you sleep appropriately, and not excessively, your brain remains active and alert.

Lack of sleep causes pre-mature aging.

3. Eat right

When I talk about eating right, I mean eating healthy. And it means having healthy foods to satisfy hunger other than junk and loads of processed foods.

Humans have an inclination for fast foods, and all the junk that comes with it. But then, there is a need to eat food for a healthy body and for growth.

Food is important but not all kind of foods are healthy.

The food you consume daily should include one way or another; vegetables, fruits, protein (lean meat, fish, egg, etc).

And you should avoid foods that are high in cholesterol and trans-fat such as junk snacks.

Endeavor to eat food in small portions, i.e the quantity that can satisfy hunger and nothing more.

Also, avoid stress-eating i.e eating because you are stressed or upset.

Avoid sodas and high energy drinks. They are energy-dense and together, they may provide you more energy than you can expend since they contain a high amount of sugar.

Just as eating large quantity of food before bedtime is no-brainer. This causes gastroesophageal reflux (a digestive disease) and abnormal weight gain.

Eating fruit before a meal is best. This helps clear up your digestive system, and also helps reduce the quantity of food you end up eating.

4. Drink water often

Drinking enough water regularly helps the body to remain hydrated and nourished. It improves the overall well being of the body.

A task as simple as drinking at least 64 ounces (8 glasses) of water per day can save you good money. This practice can considerably improve your health.

True, its hard to monitor the number of glasses you take in a day. However, good practice is making effort to take water as your day progresses.

Encourage intake of water, particularly by giving away frequent intake of soft drinks.

Water cleanses toxins from the body and improves brain function. Water is needed to carry out vital body functions.

Water is passed out from the body through urine, sweat and bowel movements. Therefore, we need to replace the water lost in this process.

It is not advisable to wait till you are extremely thirsty before drinking water.

It has been well said, water is life.

5. Avoid excessive alcohol intake

Alcohol has been proven to have negative impact on the lungs, brain, liver, and other major organs. It also drains water from the body.

To keep your body in great shape for your use, minimize and gradually eliminate alcohol intake as no amount of alcohol is good for body cells.

If you don’t look after your body, it won’t serve you for long.

6. Love yourself and avoid negativity around you

Self-love is simply the love you have for yourself. This is another area one needs to develop as it involves our mental and emotional health.

Allow yourself to be pleased with your accomplishments no matter how little or insignificant it may seem.

Have a network of supportive friends that live a healthy life. Get rid of any form of negativity around you, and most importantly from your mind.

You can achieve this by putting them on paper. It helps release some of the inferiority complex feelings inside you.

Remember there is no vacuum in the mind. You get rid of old thoughts by having new thoughts.

7. Exercise regularly

Physical activity and exercise is a major contributor to a healthy living. Unfortunately, people seem to take exercises for granted.

Interestingly, daily workouts improve your health more than you can imagine. It increases your lifespan, gives higher bone density, and aid weight loss.

Weight gain is almost a challenge to the vast majority. Hence the reason weight loss programs are more popular each day.

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Take your time to pick out exercises that you actually enjoy. That way, exercising will be both fun and healthy at the for you.

Work out different parts of your body instead of concentrating on one part alone. Your whole body will be healthier.

8. Avoid smoking and keep a distance with chronic smokers

Smoking affects your health more than any other thing does. It causes lung cancer, kidney cancer, heart attack and more.

Second hand smoking, also known as passive smoking, is inhaling smoke air from smokers. This is as dangerous as smoking itself.

So as much as possible, avoid areas where people smoke. And if you are a smoker yourself, make effort to quit smoking. It has terrible effects on the health.

There is no known health benefit of smoking. Instead, it has so many accompanying diseases and health conditions.

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No matter how many packs-a-day smoker you are prior to reading this post, make a decision you’ll quit smoking.

Maintaining a healthy life may be beyond you if you don’t quit.

9. Maintain a good dental hygiene

Good dental hygiene improves your health and boosts your confidence.

What do I do?

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day (morning and night). Rinse your mouth and floss between your teeth after each meal if possible.

Your overall health may depend on your oral health.

10. Get regular checkups

Going for medical checkups regularly doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sick. Some diseases don’t show symptoms until it is too late.

Moreover, a regular checkup can help you fish them out on time and take quick preventive or corrective measures.

11. Make friends with healthy people

Its important to hang around people who are healthy and know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone knows that the habits of whoever one hangs out eventually rubs off on one at some point. This is an age-long knowledge.

When you hang out with healthy people, they will boost you to be healthy too.

The maxim “health is wealth” is as hold as history and cannot be overemphasized.

These tips are to help you attain or maintain a healthy life. They work magic for me every day.

And they won’t work if they just stay on this page. Go out and do them.

One day, two days, a week, months and before you know it poor health is off your list of problems.

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