How to score high in UTME 2022 | tips to score 300+ in JAMB

The desire of every candidate is to score high in UTME. Everyone wants to get a high score.

For many reasons, its a welcome desire. Moreover, having a high score in UTME is essential to gaining admission into the university.

And if you are applying for competitive courses such as Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Petroleum Engineering, and Law, you need to double your efforts twice as much.

I recently wrote a blog on WESYC showing you 6 things to expect for admission into the university this year. In that post, I mentioned what you need to do to gain admission into school this year.

When it comes to scoring high in JAMB, there’s no general rule. Because different factors can contribute to someone having a low score in UTME.

Most times, a JAMB score doesn’t prove how intelligent or prepared you are. Many times, we have seen candidates who would have performed well only to have the systems shut down before time.

Some candidates have their exams submitted before time by the system. For some others, power outage at their CBT centres during the UTME is the reason for their low score.

However, in a scenario where there’s no power failure, plus good functional computers, there are things to do to score high in UTME.

Personally, I had my system malfunction during my own UTME. It was even impossible to click since the mouse was faulty at some point. I only managed to score 208 that year.

In another UTME however, I scored higher. The things I did in that UTME are what I’ve decided to show you on this post.

But you want to do well in the 2022 JAMB. Don’t you? That’s obviously why you are on this page.

Everyone is familiar with the importance of studying for exams. No long story here, just put it into practice as a general rule.

But then, there are more specific things to do if you want to pass UTME very well. So job here is simple; I will show you how you can have a high UTME score in the 2022 JAMB.

Meanwhile, just in case you haven’t applied, follow my guide on how to register for 2021 UTME/DE in 3 quick steps.

Here is how to score 300+ in UTME 2022

1. Set a target score

Often, I meet a UTME candidates. Each time I put this question across; “what do you intend to score”?

Most of them do not have a target and usually say “I want to pass”. This however is a step close to failure.

For you to meet up with the cut-off point and secure admission in a given year, you must be able to set a UTME goal as well as a target. This will give you focus and a drive to work harder.

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2. Understand the nature of JAMB exam

The universal tertiary and matriculation examination (UTME) is organized by JAMB. As stated earlier, it is a technical exam that is geared at testing a candidate’s knowing ability.

In UTME, you will not find the “what is” kind of questions but rather you are expected to know “how is”. For instance, take a look at the following question.

QUESTION: Which of the underlined words in the following sentences best  describes an adjective?.

  1. His name is musa
  2. musa needs money today
  3. Anthony needs money seriously
  4. Money is what I need right now

From my explanation and the above question, you will see that JAMB will not ask you “what is an adjective”? So there is no need trying to memorize the definition of an adjective when studying for JAMB. Its a waste of effort and precious time.

However, going by the above example, you are expected to know how an adjective is used. This however, is applicable to all subjects of choice.

Candidates often times make the mistake of memorizing definitions and formulas that will not help them. I’m glad you’re on this page reading this post today.

Therefore, it is best for you to know the implication and application of such definitions and formulas. Remember, its UTME you want to write and pass, not another exam.

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3. Read to eliminate fear of the unknown

Candidates become so anxious often that it leads to fear of the unknown. This end up becoming a major distraction.

Take time to read smart and wide. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Do not be afraid or too anxious. Just prepare and read well. That’s why the number 4 on this list is essential.

Remember, a person who has read have no fear of exam.

4. Study along with JAMB syllabus

Many UTME candidates don’t know JAMB has a syllabus. If you were among this category, it’s understandable. The best part is that you know now.

JAMB syllabus is the same thing as scheme of work as you know it in secondary school. JAMB sets questions each year from it’s syllabus. All UTME questions are taken from that syllabus each year.

Studying along with JAMB syllabus lets you into the pool JAMB sets questions from.

Moreover, JAMB syllabus is not about strange topics. It cover most of the things you were taught in secondary school. So in case you just finished secondary school, go and retrieve your notes and textbooks you already threw away after your SSCE.

If you want to score 300+ in JAMB, studying along with JAMB syllabus is the best way to start.

To make it easy for you to access, I have compiled the complete 2022 JAMB syllabus for all subjects here. You will find all the topics you should focus your energy studying there.

5. Prepare with JAMB past questions

Preparing for UTME with JAMB questions is one of the top secrets to scoring 300+ in UTME.


JAMB repeats questions every year.

Aside the literature book that changes from time to time, all other questions across all subjects are often repeated in JAMB. And studying with past questions is an effective way to having a high score in UTME.

When you answer JAMB past questions (from different years) as a practice, you’ll get familiar with the questions. You will learn the ones you didn’t know. You will provide correct answers to the questions you know and develop further.

It will get to a point you won’t even have to read the whole options again before you select the correct answer. Then you know you are ready to score high in UTME.

6. Be time conscious

The UTME is a time based exams. Therefore, you are expected to answer all questions before the time elapse. Hence, your ability to manage time is of great advantage to you.

You shouldn’t spend too much time on a question. Start with the subjects you know best. And when confronted with a difficult question, go to the next and you can always come back to it.

Some candidates waste so much time that the exam ends without them finishing. This can have a huge negative impact on your overall.

One of the reasons many candidates perform poorly in UTME is inability to use time well. In fact, they haven’t answered all the questions before they heard ‘submit and shut down’.

No matter what you have read, no matter how well you practiced past questions, you won’t attain a high score (300+) in UTME if you don’t manage your time well during the exam.

Moreover, this is one of the benefits of practicing JAMB questions as part of your preparation. It helps you monitor how much time you’re spending on a question.

A rule to remember is; don’t spend more a minute in one question. Answer and move on quickly.

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7. Answer all questions

Let me repeat that; answer ALL questions. You won’t score high if you leave some questions unanswered.

What if I don’t know the answer to a question?

My advice is; click an answer and move to the next question.

Your chance of having a really high score in UTME reduces by every question you failed to answer. Even if you don’t know the correct answer, guessing an answer (following your instincts) gives you a ‘chance’ of clicking the right answer.

But if you jump questions and leave them unanswered, you have no chance.

I made this mistake in my UTME by leaving some questions unanswered cause I wasn’t sure of the correct option. If I answered all, I might have had a really high score.

Remember, you have nothing to loose answering all the questions whether you know the correct answer or not. Take the chance.

8. Avoid malpractice

Surprise. Staying away from malpractice is one of the coolest ways to have a high JAMB score this year.

You know why? Because it can help you preserve the score you’ll have from following the 4 tips above.

JAMB recently started deducting marks from candidates involved in malpractice. So if you are found to be involved in exam fraud, your chance of scoring high in UTME will be gone altogether.

You could even have your UTME result withheld or scores deducted. Now if you were to originally score 280 and you were caught engaging in exam fraud. JAMB decides to deduct 100. That leaves you with 180 JAMB score.

With that, Pharmacy, Nursing, Law, Medicine, Accounting in most universities is gone for this year. You may even find yourself struggling for admission into less competitive courses later on.

Stay away from malpractice, score high in UTME.

9. Read and re-read the JAMB novel

The JAMB literature book is more like a bonus.

First, it is guaranteed that JAMB sets questions from the novel. Secondly, JAMB sets at least 20 questions from the novel.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s easy 40 marks if 1 question is 2 marks.

What do you have to do?

Simply read the 2021 UTME literature book; “The Life Changer”.

As a high achieving JAMB candidate few years ago, this is one of the things that helped me.

I recall the JAMB 2016 I wrote. That year, I read from cover to cover this novel; “The Last Days At Forcados High School.” Such that I still remember that story today.

If there is any one thing to remember, it is that you loose no time reading the novel for the 2021 UTME. Particularly, if you really want to have a high score.

This is not something to cram. It’s simple an interesting novel to enjoy reading. Then you answer the questions from it in the UTME.

I recall smiling and answering the questions from the novel in the Use of English section. I’m sure you will do same.

10. Pray

This cannot be overemphasized. We all have our religious beliefs. It is certain that we all believe in the power of the supernatural.

Therefore, it’s always important to hand everything to Him. Your UTME is not an exception, no matter how prepare you think you are.

In sum, there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you follow the above guide. I am certain that you can only start from the sky.

So how do I score high in UTME this year?

Follow the tips below to score 300+ in 2022 UTME

  1. Set a target score
  2. Understand the nature of JAMB exam
  3. Read to eliminate fear of the unknown
  4. Study along with JAMB syllabus
  5. Prepare with JAMB past questions
  6. Be time conscious
  7. Answer all questions
  8. Avoid malpractice
  9. Read and re-read JAMB novel
  10. Pray

Wrapping up

If you follow these tips of mine, scoring 300+ in the 2022 UTME will be easy for you. More importantly, you will be able to gain admission into school to study your dream course this year.

If you follow this guide, I look forward to your 2022 JAMB testimony on the comments section.

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