Gaining admission into the university indicates a start of a new phase. A phase accompanied by independence, accountability and freedom from parental guidance.

Although the university has its thrills, it also offers life lessons to everyone who passes through it.

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Here are 7 life lessons the university offers.

Ability to manage stress

Stress comes as a result of chain lectures which could commence as early as 7 am and end by 5 pm. This happens with little or no time for leisure, coupled with various assignments, tutorials and practical.

Alongside academic activities, a typical student also has personal issues to handle. Those who are mostly affected by stress are freshers, during their first year in the university because of their in-exposure to academic stress.

The university days make students have the ability to withstand all forms of stress, thus gradually preparing them for the outside world. See our tips about 8 easy ways to keep yourself neat.

Record Keeping / Accountability

The university make students to learn the act of keeping records. It does this by requiring a huge payment from students who misplace important documents of theirs.

Students are expected to keep important documents such as their admission letters, school fees receipt, each semester files, to mention just a few safe, or face difficulties during their clearance.

Money Management

The university offer students a chance of being financially responsible. Knowing how to manage money for a particular period of time, knowing what is important to purchase and how to reduce expenses.

Learning how to manage money simple means the student will have to overcome their cravings otherwise known as wants while focusing on their necessities.

In order to manage money efficiently as a student, you should endeavour to attend to financial issues according to their level of importance.

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Time Management

Time management refers to the ability to handle activities within a stipulated time. In most universities, lectures commences by 7 am and the students are expected to be present in their lecture halls awaiting the arrival of the lecturer.

One may ask how the students are to go about managing their time in a situation like this. It is very easy.

As a student, you should set an alarm for 5 am in the morning. You could decide to have your personal prayers for 10 minutes, prepare their meal for 30 minutes, eat for another 10 minutes.

Arrange your clothes for 5 minutes and have a shower for another 5 minutes. Or you could prepare your meal the previous day and arrange your clothes too.

In that case, the only thing they do when they awake, is to eat, shower and head to school. Planning ahead of time will help you manage your time as a student.

Your ability to manage your time is related to the people you hang out with. Check out how to build healthy relationships in school.

Imbibes domestic skills

It is an old news that some students learn domestic skills in the university. Some students who couldn’t do their laundry, prepare meals or clean up their environment. They went on to learn these domestic skills in the university, especially when they intend to manage their finances.

These students will prefer carrying out these activities by themselves than patronize home cleaning services, restaurants or laundry shops.

Business Opportunities

The university environment creates platform for students with business ideas to become financially independent and entrepreneurs. It gives them an avenue to showcase their skills and talents.

Many students have delved into bag / shoe making, baking, carpentry, bead making etc. Some offer different services and are paid for it.

The university is a starting point for financial stability for students. See our guide on 8 profitable small business to start in Nigeria.

Social Life

Life time relationships are most times started in the University. The university presents a forum for students from different states and countries to live and interact together for a period of time, thereby improving the students’ social life and tolerance level.

The mentality of students, their dressing pattern, speaking mode are also influenced by the university.

Therefore, as you desire to get admission into the university, you should also be prepared to make the best out of your stay in school, with the life lessons it offers.

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