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Are you afraid that your partner might be cheating? That must be a very hurtful feeling especially when it is associated with someone you love.

Cheating is something that has affected a lot of people regardless of age or gender. Lots of couples have issues.

Though it may be a phase, it is better to tackle the situation before it translates into a breakup/divorce.

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If you are having doubts and you feel your spouse is cheating, how can you tell? Well, you’ll learn how to in a moment.

Embedded in this article are 11 signs of a cheating partner. If you notice more than six of these signs in your partner,
it is advisable that you confront him/her about it.

Below are 11 signs that your partner may be cheating

1. Always defensive

Your partner may seem too defensive than normal. He starts to get upset when you ask him the simplest question about his whereabouts or who he was out with or why there are transfer records to a separate account (if you both have a joint account).

This is usually the first sign that something is going on without your knowledge.

2. Unusually sensitive

He becomes unusually sensitive when it comes to gestures such as holding hands in the open, public display of affection and other gestures that you both have become accustomed to over time.

3. Sneaky behaviours

He may start displaying sneaky behaviours such as making odd excuses to take a call or speaking to someone over the phone in hushed tones or even sneaking out of the house.

These signs may be a pointer that there’s someone else and he does not want you to find out.

4. Takes frequent “Business” calls

Making calls relating to business is in fact very good for the financial aspect of the relationship. But, when it is done in hushed tones at odd hours and behind closed doors too frequently, there may be a problem.

5. Gets irritated with almost everything you do

Little things begin to annoy them and he/she start complaining about almost everything you do – from your cooking to your chewing pattern, then your dressing. And in worst cases, your size.

These complains might be coming from a place of love and all but you need to be more vigilant. Because there might be someone else who is trying so hard to be in your position.

6. Abridged communication

Communication is the bedrock of any thriving relationship. When something or someone disrupts the flow of communication things may begin to go wrong.

Friday date night gradually stops as different excuses come up every week as to why they can’t make it. And even when you spend time together, their phone seem more precious at that very moment.

It is a must that you work on this as it may lead to the end of your relationship if optimum care is not taken.

7. Late nights

This may not be as a result of infidelity as there may be other causes for late nights such as work, important events, etc.

But, when he starts coming back home late at night, drunk and acting weird, then something is definitely up. See also our 24 safety measures to take this year.

8. Lies

They start telling lies to cover up their tracks. Whenever he/she notices that you are on to something, they immediately tell lies to cover up their tracks and eventually convinces you not to believe otherwise.

9. He seems disconnected from you

You begin to notice that your partner is more quiet than usual and you both no longer have deep, meaningful conversations. And you also stop discussing plans for the future.

That leaves the relationship in a rough place.

10. Money starts disappearing

Couples who have joint accounts are more likely to notice this than others. Money starts leaving the account in thousands withdrawn by your partner with no explanation whatsoever.

This can cause you and your spouse to run into debt. Check out our tips to free yourself from debt.

This is enough reason to get suspicious.

11. Your friends and family will notice it too

Sometimes your friends and family will also notice a cheating partner because they see from outside.

While you may be trying to make excuses for your partner, your friends/family will see right through him/her. It is best to only believe them when they have concrete evidence so you don’t put your relationship in jeopardy.

If you notice more than six of the aforementioned signs in your partner (male/female), please do well to confront him/her about it.

And if need be, go an extra mile to ensure that your relationship is healthy for both of you.

Hope this blog showed you how to discover a cheating partner? You may also like to see these tips to maintain a healthy life.

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