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Planning to study in the U.S? Studying in USA is a great way to attend a world class university.

The United States has a great standard of higher education that is admired all over the world by employers, academics, and government of nations. This explain why the U.S is the preferred destination for international students.

In my personal interaction with my audience on WESYC, I observed that five of ten international students want to study in the USA.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that international students prefer studying in the U.S above any other country. I personally attempted to study in the USA in 2017.

Though I couldn’t get a scholarship and I can’t afford to study in the U.S without support.

That same year, my younger cousin was on full scholarship to study in Massachusetts, USA. She tells me a lot of wonderful things about the USA.

Then I realized that many things appeal to international students. One of such things is the realitiy for finally fulfilling your dream of studying abroad.

This article contains things you need to know about studying in USA and the process of applying to a US university.

Moreover, I took care to put it in a frequently asked question form. I hope you find it very helpful.

It’s an ‘all-in-one’ studying in USA and applying to a US university.

5 things you should know about studying in USA

Below are five things you need to know about studying in the United States of America.

1. You learn from the best

Studying in USA provide a platform to be tutored by the very best, as well as compete with the very best. Besides, competition is high.

America is known as a land of opportunities so taking a higher education there opens you up to abundance of opportunities during and after school.

2. Entry requirement vary

The entry requirements into US universities depend on your chosen course. You would basically need a high school diploma/secondary school leaving certificate to study in the U.S.

Moreover, not all grades guarantee you any course, because there are course-specific requirements.

Check out the full list of documents required to study abroad.

3. Entry deadlines vary

The entry date and deadline for applications into US universities vary. Its advisable to check with your university for course requirement and deadlines.

4. U.S schools are reputable

Most US universities have global status. In fact, 16 of the best 25 universities in the world are located in the US according to The Times Higher Education 2020 World Universities Ranking.

Therefore, if you earn a degree from a U.S university, it is recognized both locally and internationally.

5. You require a study permit

You will need an F-visa to study a degree course in the U.S if you are from outside the U.S.

However, you will need a J-visa if you are a government-sponsored student on an exchange program.

You won’t be allowed to study in US if you don’t hold a study visa.

I recently wrote a blog showing you how to get a study visa as an international student. It contains seven steps to acquire a study visa.

How to apply to a US university

Studying in the U.S is a first choice for many people. Moreover, with high quality of education in the US, opportunities open when you complete your degree.

Most international students I have encountered, most of whom are my audience on this site, don’t know how to apply to a US university. Some applicants don’t even know the first thing to do, or steps to take.

As I noted earlier, I put this section in question and answer form, providing answers to frequently asked questions about studying in USA.

I’m an international student who want to study in USA but I don’t know how to apply. Here is how.

Can I study in USA as an international student?

You can no matter your country of origin, and in fact, USA has the highest number of international applicants each year.

So the United States is very welcoming for international students like you and me.

Can I study in USA after 12th grade?

On completion of your 12th grade or secondary school in your country, you can apply to study for an undergraduate course at a US university or college.

Can I study in USA for free?

There is no way to study in the US for free. US colleges require international students to pay part of their tuition fee after having an offer of a place on a course.

You can’t study for an undergraduate course in the US for free, just as you can’t study Masters in USA for free.

Can I get a scholarship to study in USA?

There are many scholarship opportunities available for international students to study in the USA at undergraduate or postgraduate level each year.

You will need to scout and find a scholarship that suits your financial need.

In rare cases, you can even get more than one scholarship. Though most scholarship providers don’t allow their scholarship recipients to combine their award with any other award.

So you need to check the terms and conditions of any scholarship you find.

Follow my guide on how to secure a fully funded scholarship to study abroad.

Can I study and work in USA?

The United States is one of the most welcoming countries for international students. Because of this, there are many work opportunities for you to support yourself in school.

These jobs pay just enough money to help you cover some costs in college as an overseas student.

Find out more about jobs for international students in USA.

Can I study in USA through distance learning?

Most colleges in the US are distance learning friendly.

Do you have a phobia for traveling by air?

Do you have strong financial need and not able to study in the U.S without a scholarship?

You can take advantage of distance learning courses and still earn a US degree. Check out why you should study abroad through distance learning.

What is the duration of US undergraduate degree?

Most US undergraduate courses lasts for a minimum of four years, and medicine courses last for a minimum of five years.

The great part of studying in USA is that you can be sure to graduate in four years without any disruption of academic activities.

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What is the duration of US masters degree?

US master’s degree lasts for a minimum of two (2) academic years, which is 22 months.

What is the cost of US undergraduate degree?

The cost of studying an undergraduate course in US varies by course, university or college, and city.

For example, studying in California is more expensive than studying in some other parts of the United States.

But you should be looking at between $10,000 USD to $25,000 USD for the entire duration of your undergraduate course. That is, if you are not a recipient of any scholarship.

What is the cost of US master’s degree?

The cost of studying a master’s course in US varies by course, university, and city.

That’s because master’s courses in US have different fees, tuition and other fees differ by university. Besides, studying in some cities is less expensive than others.

Approximately, you can expect to spend between $15,000 USD to $38,000 USD for your postgraduate taught course.

Can I get a loan while studying in USA?

There are feasible loans for students to support their studies, although these loans are not meant to cover the entire duration of your course.

Also, you will need to have commenced your first-year to be able to access student loans in the US.

Can I study in USA without proof of English proficiency?

If you are a citizen of an English speaking country and did high school (secondary school) in your country.

But you are required to show proficiency in English if the primary language of your country is not English.

Some US colleges may give you a conditional admission offer if you are unable to prove your English proficiency satisfactorily the first time. This could last for a year to afford you some time to improve your English.

However, you won’t be able to start your studies in USA with that conditional offer if you are still unable to have acceptable scores in the English test.

In this case, your conditional offer may be withdrawn.

Can I study in USA without TOEFL or IELTS?

Provided you have obtained other English-test score to prove your proficiency in English language.

US schools accept IELTS and TOEFL scores as an English language requirement.

Although, they still accept other English test scores like C1 Cambridge, PTE, or Duolingo test, if you didn’t take IELTS or TOEFL.

Learn more about studying in Canada, UK, USA without IELTS as an international student.

How can I apply to a US university?

There are three ways you can apply to a US university and they are equally the same. By that, I mean your application is complete and successful if you apply through any of these channels.

You apply to a US university or college online through the application page of your preferred college or through the MyCoalition Application or Common Application, depending on your choice.

Will I submit documents when applying to a US university?

Yes, you are required to submit original copies (having a seal) of your certificate.

Some US schools require that you request your school to send your academic transcripts directly to the university or college admission office.

Also you are required to submit your English proficiency test score if English is not your first language as I explained earlier.

Will I pay any application fee when applying to a US university?

International applicants are required to pay non-refundable application fee when applying. Check with your choice university for their fees.

So I strongly advise you are fully ready with all relevant documents before starting an application to a US university or college.

Do I need to prove I can afford my studies in US to apply?

International applicants are not required to prove their financial status when applying to a US university.

However, you will be required to prove you can afford to study in the USA when you have an offer of a place. Otherwise you may not be given the Form I-22.

That form enables you apply for a study visa to enter the USA for undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Do I need a visa to apply to a US university?

Although you would need a study visa to enter the USA once you have an offer of a place.

Studying in USA is a worthwhile experience and applying to a US university shouldn’t be difficult either.

I hope you enjoyed this post? I’d appreciate you reaching out using the comment form below. Also leave a comment if you have a peculiar question you would like me to give answers to. I’m happy to help.

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