List of UNICAL most competitive courses (2024)

UNICAL is one of the most competitive federal universities in Nigeria to get admission into. This page contain UNICAL most competitive courses for admission.

Each year, nearly 40,000 aspirants select UNICAL as first choice in JAMB. About 70% of this number select similar courses.


Many candidates want to study the same course. So majority chose the same courses, making them highly competitive every year.

Meanwhile, there are courses in UNICAL to get quick admission into. But many candidates like you don’t know.

For this reason, it seems very difficult to get admission into UNICAL. So many candidates find themselves writing UTME each year and yet don’t get admission.

Understandably, people want to study courses with which they can gain employment after school. For other people, they select courses base on prestige or what people will say. While for few persons, they study the course of their dream – passion.

Whatever your reason for electing to study a particular course, it is a good reason.

Therefore, my job here is a simple one. It is to show you the most competitive courses in UNICAL for the purpose of admission. As an aspirant applying to study in UNICAL, you will be more aware of a course to chose.

More importantly, the information here will help you better prepare for your chosen course of study. You will increase your efforts in UTME and Post UTME, knowing you have many competitors for your preferred course.

This preparation will eventually help you gain admission into your dream course.

The courses in this list are often the most competitive courses every year in UNICAL. In fact, they were the courses with the highest number of applicants in the just concluded admission year.

List of highly competitive courses in UNICAL for admission

Below are the most competitive courses in UNICAL based on the performance statistics from previous years.

1. Medicine and Surgery

Medicine is the most competitive course in UNICAL. Since University of Calabar is one of the most prestigious university in the South-South, most applicants chose to study here. A good number of these applicants elect to study medicine.

2. Nursing Science

Nursing is the second most competitive course in UNICAL. Each year, nearly 9,000 UNICAL aspirants chose Nursing as their first choice course. Unfortunately, the university can only admit less than 200 per academic year.

3. Radiography

Radiography is among the highly competitive courses in UNICAL every year. That’s largely because very few universities offer Radiography.

As a result, a good number of candidates with interest to study Radiography look to UNICAL’s direction. What does that mean? Competition.

4. Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science is one of the oldest courses in UNICAL. More than 5,000 UNICAL aspirants chose Medical Laboratory Science as first choice every year, making its place in this list well deserved.

5. Accounting

Accounting is comfortably the most competitive course in the Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Calabar.

It is a well known fact that many people like to be accountants. Obtaining a degree in Accountancy from a prestigious university like UNICAL is appealing for many students.

6. Law

UNICAL is one of the best universities in Nigeria to study Law. In fact, UNICAL students often emerge winners and runners up in most Law competitions around the world every year.

In a bid to learn with the best, many aspirants chose to study Law in UNICAL each year. Moreover, over 14,000 aspirants apply for Law in UNICAL in each admission window.

Of that number, only a meagre 190-200 can be admitted, making Law the second most competitive course in UNICAL.

Those are the six UNICAL most competitive courses for admission.

Other highly competitive courses in UNICAL include:

7. Dentistry and Dental Surgery

8. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

9. Business Management

10. Economics

11. English and Literary Studies

Those are UNICAL’s most competitive courses. Meanwhile, all the courses on this list are well within your reach for admission.

This is just to help you be aware of the competition you face while applying to study your course of choice in UNICAL. You can also check out the less competitive courses in UNICAL.

What is important to remember is that to get admission into any of the courses mentioned on this post, you need a relatively high UTME score. See my guide on how to score high in UTME. And then perform well in Post UTME too.

With this information at your disposal, you’ll surely gain admission to study your dream course in UNICAL this year.

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