University of Calabar (UNICAL) predegree courses 2024

Searching for UNICAL predegree courses? Well, I got the answers you need.

Meanwhile, bear in mind that University of Calabar predegree program is mostly for science students. Therefore, most UNICAL predegree courses are science based.

Before I show you the list of courses, let me explain what predegree means to help you better understand this blog.

Predegree is a one year remedial program at University of Calabar. On completion, successful candidates are admitted to start 100 level in a degree program.

However, not all UNICAL regular full-time degree courses are available for admission through predegree. It is those courses you can get admission into through predegree that is on this page.

Let me also add that the minimum entry requirement for UNICAL predegree admission five credits at O’level in relevant subjects. Also, you are required to write JAMB as well.

You can also apply for predegree if you O’level result is not complete, provided you have plans to cover that deficiency by taking WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB again.

I already wrote a comprehensive article on predegree admission: What is predegree in Nigeria? here is all you need to know. I recommend you check it out if entering school through predegree is your plan.

One thing you should know is that UNICAL predegree is not really stressful. At least compared to the first year of a regular degree program.

In UNICAL, predegree lectures hold 7 – 8 am each day, Monday – Friday and 8 am – 2 pm on Saturdays.

List of UNICAL remedial (predegree) courses

UNICAL predegree programme is made up of the following:

1. Pre-degree Science

Entry requirement: you must have at least five (5) credits at SSCE in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

You should obtain this result at not more than two (2) sittings.

2. Pre-degree Agricultural Science

Entry requirement: you must have at least five (5) credits at SSCE in English Language, Mathematics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry and any other science or social science subject. You should obtain this result at not more than two (2) sittings.

3. Pre-degree Education Science

Entry requirement: you must have at least five (5) credits at SSCE in English Language, Mathematics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry and any other social science subject, with a minimum of Pass in Physics. You should obtain this result at not more than two (2) sittings.

4. Pre-degree Arts

Entry requirement: you must have at least five (5) credits at SSCE in English Language, Literature-in-English, Economics, CRS and any other arts or social science subjects. You should obtain this result at not more than two (2) sittings.

List of courses available for admission into 100 level in UNICAL when you finish predegree

Only the following courses are available for admission after completing the one-year Predegree in University of Calabar (UNICAL).

UNICAL Predegree Science programme

Below are UNICAL predegree science courses for admission.

A. Faculty of Physical Sciences

1. B.Sc. Applied Chemistry

2. B.Sc. Computer Science

3. B.Sc. Electronics and Computer Technology

4. B.Sc. Geology

5. B.Sc. Geophysics

6. B.Sc. Mathematics

7. B.Sc. Pure Chemistry

8. Statistics

9. B.Sc. Theoretical Physics

5 things to know about studying in UNICAL (and more)

Current school fees of all federal universities in Nigeria.

B. Faculty of Biological Sciences

1. B.Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture

2. B.Sc. Genetics & Biotechnology

3. B.Sc. Microbiology

4. B.Sc. Plant & Ecological Studies (also known as Botany)

5. B.Sc. Zoology & Environmental Biology

6. B.(SLT) Agricultural Science

7. B.(SLT) Anatomy/Histology

8. B.(SLT) Biochemistry

9. B.(SLT) Biological Sciences

10. B.(SLT) Chemical Sciences

11. B.(SLT) Chemical/Petroleum

12. B.(SLT) Geology & Mining

13. B.(SLT) Marine & Aquaculture

14. B.(SLT) Microbiology/Virology

15. B.(SLT) Physics/Electronics

16. B.(SLT) Physiology/Pharmacology

17. B.(SLT) Physics with Engineering Production

JAMB subject combination for ALL courses (updated)

C. Faculty of Environmental Sciences

1. B.Sc. Architecture

2. B.Sc. Environmental Resource Management

3. B.Sc. Estate Management & Valuation

4. B.Sc. Geography & Environmental Sciences

5. B.Sc. Surveying & Geo-informatics

6. B.Sc. Urban & Regional Planning

D. Faculty of Engineering

1. B.Eng. Agric. Engineering

2. B.Eng. Chemical Science

3. B.Eng. Computer Engineering

4. B.Eng. Civil Engineering

5. B.Eng. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

6. B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

7. B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering

E. Faculty of Oceanography 

1. B.Sc. Biological Oceanography/Marine Biology

2. B.Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture

3. B.Sc. Mariculture & Marine Fisheries Resources

4. B.Sc. Marine Chemistry

5. B.Sc. Marine Geology

6. B.Sc. Physical Oceanography

F. Faculty of Management Sciences

1. B.Sc. Human Resources Management

2. B.Sc. Marketing

3. B.Sc. Banking and Finance

4. B.Sc. Business Management

UNICAL Predegree Agricultural Science programme

Below are UNICAL predegree agricultural courses for admission.

1. B.Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology

2. B.Agric. Agricultural Economics

3. B.Agric. Soil Science

4. B.Agric. Crop Science

5. B. Forestry & Wildlife Resource Management

6. B. Fisheries & Aquaculture

7. B. Food Science & Technology

UNICAL Predegree Arts programme

Below are UNICAL predegree art courses for admission.

1. B.A. Mass Communication & Digital Media

2. B.A Modern Languages & Translation Studies

UNICAL Predegree Education Science programme

Below are UNICAL predegree education courses for admission.

1. B.Ed. Social Studies Education

2. B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics Education

3. B.Sc. (Ed.) Political Science Education

4. B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography Education

5. B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics Education

6. B.Sc. (Ed.) Agric. Education

7. B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics Education

8. B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry Education

9. B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology Education

10. B.Ed. Elementary Education

11. B.Ed. Business Education

12. B.Ed. Educational Psychology

13. B.Ed. Special Education

14. B.Ed. Educational Technology

15. B.Ed. Guidance & Counselling

16. B.Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics

17. B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics Education

18. B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Education

19. B. (LIS) Library & Information Science

20. Adult/Continuing Education

  • B.Ed. Environmental Adult Education
  • B.Ed. Literacy & Vocational Education
  • B.Ed. Cooperative Management
  • B.Ed. Extension & Social Development
  • B.Ed. Industrial & Labour Education
  • B.Ed. Correspondence & Distance Education
  • B.Ed. Communication Arts Education
  • B.Ed. Social Work Education
  • B.Ed. Community Development
  • B.Ed. Women Education & Development

Here we go, you made it.

Those are the list of UNICAL predegree courses. Bear in mind that admission is open into any of those courses after predegree.

If for anything, this helps you know that NOT all courses are open for admission through remedial in UNICAL.

Also, UNICAL predegree students have the opportunity of selecting their preferred course during the program. You’ll indicate the course you wish to be admitted into when filling your course preference form.

And just so you know, this post is regularly update with any new course that might be open for admission through predegree.

Hope you liked this information?

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66 thoughts on “University of Calabar (UNICAL) predegree courses 2024

  1. Hello.
    Is the predegree form still open and available for this year?
    My sister is looking to take advantage of the predegree program
    Her O’level certificate is intact, and she did jamb last year but had 150 as her jamb score.
    Kindly help with clarity.

  2. Please can I study radiography in pre degree and I will resume from second semester will it be possible

    1. Has the pre degree registration started for this 2023 in UNICAL?
      Please sir has lectures begun for 2023 pre degree lessons and when did it start?

  3. Sir I got 202 in jamb utme for 2021
    ND haven’t gotten admission yet
    But I want to know if unical predegree form is out for 2021/2022
    And will I still used my 2021 jamb score to purchase it….

    If i study genetic and biotechnology
    Can I still study it during my first year in university

  4. Sir o thought
    After the pre-degree
    You are being admitted
    Into year 200 level
    So does it means
    Your starting from
    Year one again
    Please I need to be

      1. Good day sir. I want to apply for pre degree in unical for the upcoming session and I Want to study estate management as my preferred course which I saw in the lists of courses. I want to know what are the odds that I don’t score better in jamb for next year while in the program that I can still get admitted into this same Estate MGT

  5. Sir I want study pharmacy but my score was very low

    Pls can I pick pregree form? If yes, which course should I go for?

    1. You can pick predegree form. And you don’t have to pick any course because courses are not normally chosen during UNICAL predegree application (unlike some other schools). You only get to choose course during the predegree second semester.

  6. Sir please my jamb score is low
    I scored 157 and I want to study medicine and surgery
    Please sir what do I do
    Is it possible to apply for the predegree program

  7. pls sir i want to register for pre degree but i have an E8 in chemistry but de rest of my subjects are all credits
    can i register for the Pre degree

  8. Please sir the unical predegree can 2021/2022 jamb candidates apply for it now that is still on sell .

  9. Thank you sir for this useful info
    I intend to study History and International studies as a course in unical, what other course can I go with in the pre degree program to be given my desired course thereafter?
    And when is the closing date for application?

  10. Since public administration is not among the predegree courses listed which course will I offer to get public administration after one year

  11. Thanks Mr Maxwell for ur constant updates n help.

    My intention was to study Dentistry and Dental Surgery or Medical Laboratory Technology (Med. Lab. Tech.) in unical but I scored below average in my jamb, so what course can I choose to stand a chance of getting admission into one of this medical courses during my degree proper?


    1. You can opt for Human Nutritional and Dietetics, Pharmacology, Physiotherapy (don’t have full accreditation yet), Physiology, Anatomy or Pharmacy (don’t have full accreditation yet). They are all less competitive compared to Dentistry and Med. Lab. Sci. in UNICAL. Meanwhile, none of these courses are available through UNICAL predegree.

  12. I want to study nursing in Unical but I didn’t reach cut off mark .if I’m to do predegree which course will I do to get nursing after one year

    1. Maybe Microbiology, Genetics and Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology or other science courses. That’s because there is no admission into medical course through UNICAL predegree.

  13. What if you applied for a medical course ( Your subject combination does not require mathematics) and after the pre degree program you decide to apply for a science course which requires mathematics, will you be offered admission or not?

    1. In predegree (during second semester) you will be given a form to fill where you select course. You are required to select a course that you meet it’s subject requirements.

  14. I was going to study Nursing Science buh since I didn’t score well In my Jamb what course do you think I can register for to do predegree

      1. I want to study Genetics and Biotechnology in as pre degree cos my jamb is low but sir can I still choose it after one year as a pre degree student

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