8 easy ways to keep yourself neat | check out these tips

Being neat is not debatable dearie, it’s a health necessity.

To live comfortable, confident and beautiful/ handsome all comes down to cleaning up yourself.

Some people have the idea that neatness is for a certain group of people and that’s ridiculous.

Imagine being avoided by friends because your body or breath stinks.

Embarrassing right? Yes.

Another instance is a colleague at work or a client telling you how rough your hair looks or how dirty your shirt is. Nobody would want these embarrassing moments, so why think neatness is for some set of people.

How well do you listen to your body?

Do you notice that spot, that swell, smell, that burn, those nails?

Do you invest in cream, body oils, deodorants, body soup, mouth wash, hair cream?

It has been well said that ‘little things are what adds up to be big things’

Noticing things as little as these can get your life more comfortable, make you more confident and help you become healthier.

This post contains tips to help you stay neat always. Remember that staying neat isn’t a consideration, its a must….and if for anything, to help you keep your friends.

These tips are not entirely new. They’re as old as history but they stay true.

How do I keep myself neat?

Learn and do these tips to stay neat always.

1. Take bathing seriously

Bathing is the process of removing dirt from the surface of your body. This practice is healthy for your body.

This is a lifetime necessity, unfortunately, some people don’t bath. Let me put it mildly, some people don’t bath much.

Removing dirt from your body helps prevent things like swelling, spots, rash.

How to do you bath?

Some people are so much in a hurry when bathing and that is wrong. When bathing, you need to take your time to scrub off dirt from your skin.

This activity needs a bathing soap or body wash, sponge and water.

How often do you bath?

It’s healthy to bath at least twice a day to feel comfortable, dirt free and smell better.

Bathing is a great way to get rid of body odor alongside many other skin diseases.

2. Hydrate your body

This process keeps your body shining and smooth.

After a bath your body needs a body cream and some very good body oils to keep it hydrated, shining and healthy.

To prevent a dried and rough body, hydration is key.

Check out how to know a woman is beautiful to learn more about spotting a beauty.

3. Brush your teeth

This is the act of removing leftover food from your mouth and teeth.

When you don’t brush your teeth, your leftover food stays longer in your mouth and this will possibly cause an awful smell from your mouth.

Brushing is a very healthy practice as it helps remove leftovers from your mouth, keeps your teeth and gums clean and gives you a good breath.

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It’s also good to scrub the tongue when brushing so to keep it clean.

What you need for brushing your teeth? Toothbrush, toothpaste and water.

Brushing twice a day is very healthy to remove any food left in your mouth and also give you good breath.

You haven’t sat next to someone with an awful mouth odor before. It’s a condition that can make one loose their self esteem. You don’t want to be there.

It is still true that ‘you don’t have to brush your teeth, only those you want to keep’. I’m sure you like to keep your teeth.

4. Ensure your clothes are always clean

Ensuring your clothes are clean is a huge part of neatness. Clean clothes gives you all the confidence and comfort you need.

Making sure your clothes are free from dirt helps your body smell better too.

Piling up dirty clothes is bad practice, because some dirt might not go off since they have stayed for long on your clothes. It’s best practice to wash often.

Wash your clothes and ensure they dry properly before wearing. This helps you smell better.

5. Use deodorants or perfume

This helps reduce body odor. Besides, we almost can’t avoid the scorching sun of each day or contact with other people in buses, trains, queue, church or other large gathering.

Deodorants come in different sizes, shapes and smell. If you are allergic to how a particular perfume smell, the best is to find a good deodorant that suits you.

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Deodorants helps your body smell really nice,. It also reduce any smell for those already with body odor.

Someone once said ‘when you smell good it’s easier to have a good day’.

6. Keep an eye on your nails

Regularly having a manicure and pedicure helps you look neat and smart. Its the act of keeping your nails trimmed and free from dirt.

This practice goes a long way in spelling out how neat you are. Its also healthy cause it prevents you from taking dirty substance into your mouth through your nails.

8. Don’t neglect your hair

Your hair is a center of attraction. Keep it clean, neat, well moisturized with hair oils and hair cream.

This practice makes you neat, smart, confident and beautiful/ handsome.

Listen to your hair, know when it needs to be washed for the women and know when you need an haircut for the men.

Brush your hair always. As the saying goes, ‘a nice hair speaks a thousand words’.

Now you know how to look neat. Staying consistent following these practices will get you that neat and healthy lifestyle you’ve always admired.

Note that keeping yourself neat isn’t expensive as you heard before you read this post, all you need is a few extra care for your body.

Neat lifestyle is healthy lifestyle.

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