10 tips to win your first scholarship in 2022

Searching for a scholarship to study next year? Still looking for how to win your first scholarship?

Alright guys, I have got a complete package for every one now. You, our lovely audience, will find out ten things you must do to win your first scholarship. Smiles.

First, what is a scholarship?

In a layman’s understanding, scholarship simply means an amount of money or the aid being provided by an individual, a governmental and non- governmental organisations to help students have a cease from their school financial burden.

These scholarships are targeted at different individuals, either based on their country, area of residence, education or based on gender, or even religious group.

Every scholarship provided by these companies or organisations don’t need anything in order for you to have access to it. It is free and open to candidates who have met certain eligibility criteria.

You already know that at Wesyc we connect you to scholarship opportunities. While doing this, we make sure to specify the eligibility criteria set by each scholarship provider. Because meeting those criteria gives you the best chance of winning a scholarship.

So, today I will be sharing with you ten tips you need to know while applying for your first scholarship. These tips will provide insight to help you get your first scholarship.

10 tips to win your first scholarship

Follow the tips below to win a scholarship

1. Be active online

Being active online don’t just mean coming online or being available on every social media platform. It also implies building good status and reputation about yourself.

Try to always portray a true identity about yourself beginning from your real name, age and school. This matters a lot.


Because most scholarship sponsors (especially fully funded scholarship sponsors) go through your social media handles these days. They do that not just to use them as mirror but to use it as a mirror in seeing you through.

So avoid fake life and learn to be real.

2. Carry out your research

Research serves a very important tool in every area of our life. In order to succeed at anything, you must set out findings and know how to handle that specific task or goal you are about to undertake.

Likewise, research is essential when seeking for a scholarship. You can’t just sit there and wait for a scholarship to jump on you.

You need to know what scholarship is all about, the documents needed and the application deadline in order for you to see if you can meet up with it.

Wesyc is a good place for you to research scholarships. Always log in to see available scholarships open for application at any given period. That’s the way to go about seeking for scholarship.

3. Present a powerful personal statement

Most scholarship providers these days require a personal statement as part of scholarship application. You cannot afford to be left behind if you’re ever going to win a scholarship this year.

When it comes to scholarship application, a personal statement can also mean ‘scholarship essay’. So when writing an essay for scholarship, always try to be real with your descriptions.

Don’t write for pity or favour. Rather, try to write in order to give an impression that yes you know what you are saying and that you are real.

Try to keep your sentences short and simple. And make sure you keep to the rules of writing.

See our tips on how to write a good personal statement.

4. Get support

Yes, you need someone who is experienced or who had the privilege of winning a scholarship to guide you through in some aspect. Remember, no man is an island. So always try to seek for help when necessary.

Moreover, always try to meet a colleague or a friend even your parent to assist you with things you don’t know about a scholarship.

5. Be prepared

I cannot overemphasize the place of preparation in your quest to win a scholarship. Get all your documents ready on time and make sure you have everything required for the scholarship process.

That’s why you should research scholarships in advance as mentioned earlier. This will surely help to ease late time rush, as well as provide you with a greater chance of succeeding.

Remember, most scholarships are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

6. Track scholarship

When applying for scholarship or if you happen to find one, don’t just wait for instructions the second time. Try getting a calendar or a book in order to keep track of your scholarship application.

What you need to note in your book or calendar include; the submission deadline, when winners will be announced and when interviews will be conducted for successful applicants.

Remember our brain can fail us sometimes, especially since we often clog it up with so many details. That’s why a book and pen or your phone notepad or even a calendar pen is essential for a scholarship seeker.

7. Keep your eggs in different baskets

Yes, don’t depend on one scholarship. Once you apply for one, strive to look out for other scholarship opportunities available and is suitable for you.

Again, Wesyc is a good place to research scholarships open for application.

Always try your luck in different places you don’t know which dice might fall in your favour.

8. Write inspirational essay

This one is really important. Though I didn’t emphasize it earlier when I talked about personal statement, so I’m doing it now.

Writing a scholarship essay may sometimes involve you sharing your personal life experiences, especially regarding your engagement in community activities.

You know, helping people to create a mental picture about your write up makes your story look real and inspiring. So learn to adopt to styles that will help you come up with a very powerful piece.

Have a good understanding about your essay topic and try to make an outline before during into the real essay.

Follow our tips on how to write an impressive scholarship essay to help you come up with a strong essay.

9. Create a scholarship to-do list

Keep track of when to submit all your documents, when your interview or examination coming up. Put them into consideration by documenting them.

Make sure your normal activities don’t clash with your official ones.

10. Prepare for scholarship interview

This is the final stage and you know, you must learn certain good techniques to help you stand out as the best during the process.

Since scholarships are highly competitive, most scholarship sponsors require applicants to also pass an interview as part of the application process.

This involve questions you’re required to answer either in-person or online in a questionnaire. Either case, use your brain when answering questions. Be that perfect gentleman or lady.

Your sense of dressing or fashion should be top notch. Be mindful of your choice of words and remember your attitude and manner summarises you all.

So learn to be at your best always.

Thank you for reading through, and keep being part of us at Wesyc.

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