How Wesyc started

Maxwell is a one-time recipient of a full scholarship to study in Australia. With a nearly a decade of experience helping students attain career goals and make key decisions, comes my passion for helping domestic and international students access funding for higher education.

That passion gave birth to wesyc.com in 2017. I hope you have a great time benefiting from the abundant academic and career resources on our site. You’ll have lots of fun too.

I’m also a web developer, blog coach, and an entrepreneur online.

Meet our team

Raphael holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology. He is passionate about the media with experience as Manager at a Radio, a content and script writer, wit great passion for acting. He is the Vice President of WESYC.

Damian holds a bachelor’s degree Human Anatomical Sciences. He is a Nigerian media enthusiast, with niche content creation and virtual marketing of problem-solving goods and services.

With wealth of experience as marketing/business manager of a radio station, he is currently the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of an Agro-base Nigeria exporting company known as WOMAS.

He is an ambassador of RightStep Global Education Foundation and the Founder of Damino Global Service and Marketing/Business Manager of Wesyc Media Group.

Esther holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

She loves to write, and as a passionate writer, she influences the world through her pen.

Miracle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences.

A thoughtful writer, she aims to thrill our audience with great content.

We love our audience!

About Wesyc

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria
Wesyc Smedan certificate

Vision: To be Nigeria’s leading source of study abroad resource.


  1. To provide reliable information through updated research.
  2. To provide career guide for our teeming audience.
  3. To provide unbiased media devoid of ethnicity and religious sentiments.

Who Wesyc audience are

Our site is most suited for the following category:

  • Nigerian students wishing to study abroad;
  • International students who want to study abroad on scholarship.
  • Scholars looking to take distance learning programmes.
  • Graduates proceeding on National Youth Service Corp (NYSC);
  • Those looking for internship placements.
  • Students in Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education;

Want more?

We got you!

Here at Wesyc we have the passion for furnishing you with reliable information from our expertise and experience.

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