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By partnering with us, you have an opportunity to reach out to a very specific audience – international students and applicants.

Our website stats:

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Advertising Opportunities

Below are advertising opportunities at Wesyc Edu.

1. Sponsored Post

Below are our sponsored post options:

Option A:

1 do-follow link in an existing content on our site.

link stays for one year.

Price: $50

Option B:

3 do-follow link in a new article provided by you.

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Price: $100

Option C:

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2. Display Advertising

Banner Ads (per 30 days):

Homepage: $100

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Widget: $50

Within content (bottom): $50

Banner ads can come in any size.

Payment Methods

We accept payments via payoneer, bank transfer, invoice, as well as credit cards.

Simply contact us with the following information:

  • Selected advertising selection (s);
  • Convenient payment method;
  • Organization/Individual name and email for invoicing purposes.

You’ll receive an official invoice together with a secure portal for payment purpose.

Terms and Conditions

Please consider the following terms as we look to forge a partnership.

1. We only accept original and quality content.

2. Link (s) must be inserted naturally into the content.

3. We receive payment in full before a content goes live on our site.

4. Our editorial team reserves the right to make final amendments to sponsored posts to comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, while maintaining the quality of our blog.

5. We reserve the right to chose the clients we work with.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership with you.

The Wesyc Edu Marketing Team