Developing solutions masters scholarship in UK 2021 | how to apply

The developing solutions masters scholarship provide international students an opportunity to access world class education at a UK university.

These scholarships are for international students who want to study for a master’s degree starting 2021.

Can I know more about this master’s scholarship?

i. The developing solutions masters scholarship is funded by the University of Nottingham, UK.

ii. This scholarship programme started in 2001 and is being awarded for the 20th year in a row. Invariably, the University of Nottingham offers these scholarships every year.

iii. These scholarships are available for international students who live in Africa, India or selected Commonwealth countries.

iv. 105 scholarships will be awarded for the 2021/2022 academic year.

What’s the value of this award?

The developing solutions masters scholarship covers 50% or 100% of full-time masters tuition fees.

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What courses can I study with this scholarship?

Any subject area within the following faculties at University of Nottingham are eligible for funding through this scholarship:

  • Faculty of Engineering;
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences;
  • Faculty of Science or
  • Faculty of Social Sciences.

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Which nationalities are eligible?

This scholarship is open to students from the following countries.

Africa (all countries),


Antigua and Barbuda,





British Virgin Islands,


Cayman Islands,


Falkland Islands,














Papua New Guinea,

Pitcairn Islands,


Solomon Islands,

Sri Lanka,

St Helena,

St Kitts and Nevis,

St Lucia,

St Vincent and the Grenadines,


Trinidad and Tobago,

Tristan da Cunha,

Turks and Caicos Islands,

Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

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Who can apply?

To apply for the developing solutions master’s scholarship, you must:

1. be domiciled in any of the selected countries listed above;

2. be classed as an international student for fee purposes;

3. hold an admission offer for full-time masters (including MRes) in any subject area at the University of Nottingham UK in September or October 2021 within the faculties mentioned above.

NOTE: Students who are currently studying in the UK are not eligible for this scholarship.

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How to apply for this scholarship

You must apply for admission and have an offer to study a full-time masters (including MRes) degree at the University of Nottingham before you can apply for this scholarship.

Find out how to apply for University of Nottingham master’s degree admission.

Once you receive your admission offer, you can apply for the developing solutions masters scholarship.

If you have an offer for an MRes degree, send an email to the University of Nottingham scholarships team through [email protected] for instructions on how to apply for the scholarship.

And in case you are resident in one of the eligible countries but have a different nationality, email University of Nottingham scholarships team too to start an application.

When is the deadline?

Applications for the developing solutions masters scholarship close at midnight (UK time) on Friday 21 May 2021. For more information, please refer to their website.


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