Fully funded Rhodes scholarship in UK for postgraduate 2022

The Rhodes scholarship offers an opportunity for international students to study for a postgraduate degree in the UK.

This scholarship is the oldest and one of the most prestigious award to study in the UK. And the scholarship is targeted at young people who have vision to make the world a better place.

What’s the value of this award?

The Rhodes Scholarship is first awarded for two years of your study.

The scholarship covers the following costs:

1. Full tuition fees at Oxford and

2. An annual stipend.

How much is the stipend?

For the 2019/20 academic year, the stipend was £15,900 per annum (£1,325 per month) from which Scholars pay all living expenses, including accommodation.

NOTE: This amount is not enough to take care of your dependants or partner. If they are going with you to the UK, you should make arrangement for them.

Can I know more about the Rhodes scholarship?

i. This scholarship is provided by the Rhodes Trust, in partnership with several other organizations.

ii. The Rhodes scholarship is awarded to support exceptional international students for postgraduate degree in UK.

iii. This scholarship is awarded every year. Its one of the most consistent scholarship program since its inception.

iv. The scholarship is awarded for postgraduate study at the University of Oxford, UK.

How many years of study are covered by the Rhodes scholarship?

The Rhodes scholarship is awarded for at least the first two years of study.

The following degrees and degree combinations are allowed for this scholarship.

i. A BA with Senior Status (ie done in two years, rather than the normal three years).

Students who are studying for a second BA may not apply for a third year of scholarship.

ii. A one-year taught Master’s course (MSc, MSt, BCL), followed in the second year by another one-year taught
Master’s course (subject to successful completion of the first course);

Students who read two consecutive one-year Master’s courses may not apply for a third year of scholarship

iii. A one-year taught Master’s course (MSc, MSt, BCL);

Students who read for a one-year taught Master’s course may progress to DPhil, and subsequently apply for a third year of Scholarship.

This progression is not open to students studying Maths, Physical & Life Sciences.

iv. A two-year MPhil or BPhil (or BCL/MPhil);

Students taking the MPhil/BPhil (or the two-year BCL/MPhil route) may apply for a third year of scholarship to study for DPhil.

v. A two-year MSc by research (or MLitt);

Students who study for a two-year MSc by research may not apply for a third year of scholarship

vi. A three-year DPhil: Students entering Oxford University directly to DPhil follow the same application process for a third year.

NOTE: If you are going for DPhil within the Maths, Physical & Life Sciences, you may not take the Master’s route to DPhil. And you must apply to start the DPhil in your first year at Oxford.

Which Nationalities are eligible?

The Rhodes scholarship is open to citizens of ANY country/territory.

Am I eligible?

To be considered for a Rhodes scholarship, you must:

1. Be from one of eligible countries above.

2. Not be more than 27 years old at the time of applying for this scholarship.

NOTE: In case you were unsuccessful in your previous attempt for Rhodes scholarship, you can reapply provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

How do I apply?

Start your Rhodes scholarship application.

When is the deadline?

Closing date for applying for Rhodes scholarship varies by country and region. Please check the application link above for the deadline specified for your country/territory.

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