5 ways to enter UNICAL without JAMB in 2024/25

Have you been seeking for admission into UNICAL without success? Are you looking for ways to gain admission into unical without jamb?

You’ll find the guide you need on this page, cause I already did the research for you.

Gaining admission into school can be very difficult at times. Maybe you’ve tried many times, written jamb severally, and you’ve reached a point where you’re tired.

Now you seek ways to enter school even if you don’t write jamb. I understand the point you have reached cause I was there.

This post seek to highlight ways you can gain admission into UNICAL without JAMB. And if you scored low in jamb, you can also be offered admission into unical through any of these ways.

How to gain admission into UNICAL without jamb in 2024/2025

Below are 5 ways through which you can get admission into unical even if you didn’t write jamb or scored low in jamb.


In UNICAL, CES mean Center for Educational Services. UNICAL CES is degree program, in which on successful completion, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree in specific courses.

It is different from the regular unical degree courses that require jamb.

UNICAL ces degree courses last for five years, though the school fees for CES students is slightly higher than that of regular students.

To gain admission, all you need to is get UNICAL CES application form. Complete the application online and submit.

Up to 98% of candidates who apply for UNICAL ces are offered admission. Those who are unsuccessful are usually those without a complete o’level result.


UNICAL predegree is a one-year program comprising of two semesters. On completion, you are offered admission into a degree program to start from 100 level.

However, bear in mind that not all courses are available for admission through predegree. Check out this list of UNICAL predegree courses for admission.

Predegree lectures in UNICAL usually hold from 7 am – 8 am (Monday – Friday) and 8 am – 2 pm (Saturday).


JUPEB means Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board. The program is normally offered by different universities, including UNICAL.

JUPEB is a one-year intensive program, which once completed, you become eligible for direct entry admission into UNICAL degree courses to start from 200 level.

The entry requirement into the jupeb program is that you have five o’level credits at a maximum of two sittings.


UNICAL diploma is a two-year program that leads to the award of a diploma certificate. However, diploma is not available for every course. Check out this list of UNICAL diploma courses and school fees to know better.

To gain admission into the diploma program, you should have four or five (depending on the course) o’level credits at not more than two sittings.

Here we go, you finally find other ways to get admission into University of Calabar.

Moreover, all the ways mentioned above guarantee quick admission into UNICAL because almost all the candidates who apply are accepted.

So just a quick recap.

How can I gain admission into UNICAL without jamb?

You can secure admission into University of Calabar without jamb by applying for admission through:

  1. Unical Ces
  2. Unical predegree
  3. Unical Jupeb
  4. Unical diploma

It’s my hope that you finally secure admission this year.

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  1. Plz I offered pure science but didn’t have Economic, Biology and Chemistry, but I still obtained my 6 credits. Can I still Pick CES form and go for social sciences course?

  2. I love pls help me I want to get admissions in to school with out jamb how can I do that please help

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