List of cheapest universities in UK for masters degree (2022)

Have you been searching for the cheapest universities in UK for your master’s degree? You’ll find a list of affordable universities on this page.

This blog aims to show you the cheap universities you can attend in the UK for master’s degree. I hope you find it helpful.

When planning your study, particularly for master’s in UK, its important to keep an eye on your finance.

Money is an important part of your decision about where to study. Knowing you’ll need this information, I did the research for you already.

This blog aims to show you affordable UK schools to do your masters as an international student.

Now lets roll.

UK masters degrees are recognized globally. That is why thousands of international students enrol for masters courses there every year.

Moreover, masters degree in UK typically last for one year, making it the quickest study duration in the world for master’s degree.

When it comes to tuition fee, studying for a master’s in UK as an international student is expensive.

In fact the international students’ tuition fee for masters degree at most public universities in UK is at least £21,000.

Therefore, the universities that make this list are those whose master’s tuition fee is below £21,000. So don’t be surprised if you don’t the university you’re looking up on this list, like University of Liverpool.

Just know its master’s tuition fee is beyond this amount – considered affordable for many people, especially folks like myself.

Moreover, some universities charge a flat tuition fees for all master’s degree courses. And in other universities, the tuition fees you will pay vary depending on the masters course you choose.

Hang on..

Did I forget to mention this?

There are two kinds of master’s degree available in UK – Taught Masters (MSc./M.A) and Masters by Research (MRes). This post contain the most affordable universities in UK for postgraduate taught master’s degree for international students.

However, some courses charge slightly different tuition fees (especially laboratory-based courses), so you should confirm the tuition fee for your course when applying.

By the way, also see my post on how to study in UK 2022 without IELTS.

Also, bear in mind that from the 2022 academic year, most UK universities now consider students applying from the EU as international students.

This imply that international students fee rate also apply for students from Europe. Just in case.

So, let’s roll..

Cheapest universities in UK 2022 for masters degree

Below are the most affordable universities in UK for master’s degree for 2022/2023 academic year.

1. London Metropolitan University > from £8,270

2. Liverpool Hope University – £11,400

3. University of the Highlands and Islands – £12,780

4. Teesside University, Middlesbrough – £13,000

5. University of Bedfordshire – £13,275

6. University of West London – £13,250

7. University of Chester – £13,450

8. University of East London – from £13,500

9. University of Brighton – £13,572

10. University of Wolverhampton – £13,950

11. University of Hertfordshire – £13,950

12. Leeds Beckett University – £14,000

13. Cardiff Metropolitan University – £14,000

14. University of Northampton – £14,000

15. Bath Spa University, Newton Park – £14,045

16. Staffordshire University – £15,000

17. Middlesex University London – £14,500

18. University of Hull – £14,500

19. University of Greenwich – £14,500 (for most courses)

20. University of Central Lancashire – £14,500

21. London South Bank University > from from £14,900

22. University of Gloucestershire > £14,700 – £15,000 (depending on course)

23. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh – from £15,000

24. Prifysgol Aberystwyth University, Wales – £15,200

25. University of Plymouth – £15,200

26. Kingston University London – £15,200

27. Liverpool John Moores University – £15,600

28. University of Roehampton, London > £15,750

29. Bangor University, Wales – £16,000

30. University of Huddersfield – £16,000 – £17,000 (depending on your course).

31. Birkbeck University of London – £16,020

32. University of Portsmouth – £16,200 per year (subject to annual increase)

33. Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland – £17,000

34. University of the West of Scotland – £17,000

35. University of Stirling – from £18,000

36. University College London > £18,800

37. University of Reading > £18,650 – £22,850

There we go. You now have an idea on the cheapest universities in UK for master’s degree as an international student.

However, you should know that most prestigious UK universities did not make this list. That’s because their tuition fees for masters is on a high side.

And you were looking for affordable universities for master’s degree as an international student. Now you have it.

As mentioned earlier, depending on your course, your tuition fee may be slightly different from the exact value above. Because the tuition fee of some of those universities vary by masters programme.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to research more UK universities for you, especially those that are affordable and add them to this list. That means this page is regularly updated with more schools and their tuition fees.

Moreover, you should remember that a variety of factors determine the fees you are required to pay at most UK universities. At least, I mentioned that in the article.

However, this list was meant to give you an overview of the average cost of tuition as you plan to take your master’s in UK.

And if you need a scholarship to support your study in UK, check out these fully funded masters scholarships in UK for 2022.

Hope you liked this information?


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