List of DELSU Abraka part time degree courses 2022/23

Are you considering studying part-time at Delta State University Abraka? Well, this page contain sufficient information about Delsu Abraka part time degree programs.

Studying part-time or through distance learning is a great move. Whether due to work or family reasons, studying part time is a great way to continue formal education.

Many universities offer part-time degree programs. Delta State University, Abraka is one of such universities.

This article aims to run you through the courses you can study part-time at DELSU, Abraka. Moreover, not all courses are available through part-time study mode.

Therefore, by the end of this post, you’ll learn about the courses available for part-time study at Abraka.

By the way, we recently published a blog about DELSU Abraka predegree courses for 2022/2023 admission. You’ll find it helpful if you’re also open to entering school through predegree.

As we get started, let me give you a heads up.

Delta State University Abraka part time degree programs last longer than regular programs. Its usually longer by one or two years, depending on the course.

To enable you have this information, I have taken care to include the duration alongside every available part-time degree course.

DELSU Abraka Part time degree programs

Below is the full list of DELSU part-time degree courses.

A. Faculty of Education

1. B.Sc. (Ed) Agricultural Science Education

2. B.Sc. (Ed) Biology  Education

3. B.Sc. (Ed)  Business Education

4. B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry Education

5. B.Sc. (Ed) Computer Science Education

6. B.Sc. (Ed) Economics Education

7. B.Sc. (Ed) Geography Education

8. B.Sc. (Ed) Guidance and Counselling

9. B.Sc. (Ed) Home Economics

10. B.Sc. (Ed) Health and Safety Education

11. B.Sc. (Ed) Human Kinetics Education

12. B.Sc. (Ed) Integrated Science Education

13. B.Sc. (Ed) Library and Information Science

14. B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics Education

15. B.Sc. (Ed) Physics Education

16. B.Sc. (Ed) Political Science Education

17. B.Sc. (Ed) Technical Education

18. B.Sc. (Ed) Social Studies

19. B.Sc. (Ed) Music

B. Faculty of Arts 

1. B.A. Music

2. B.A. English

3. B.A. French

4. B.A. Linguistics

5. B.A. Linguistics/Urhobo

6. Fine and Applied Arts

C. Faculty of Social Science

1. B.Sc. Accounting

2. B.Sc. Business Administration

3. B.Sc. Economics

4. B.Sc. Geography and Regional Planning

5. B.Sc. Political Science

6. B.Sc. Sociology

7. B.Sc. Psychology

8. B.Sc. Mass Communication

D. Faculty of Management

1. B.Sc. Accounting

2. B.Sc. Business Administration

3. B.Sc. Banking and Finance

4. B.Sc. Marketing

E. Faculty of Agriculture

1. B.Sc. Agricultural Economics

2. B.Sc. Agricultural Extension

3. B.Sc. Crop Science

4. B.Sc. Animal Science

5. B.Sc. Soil Science

6. B.Sc. Fisheries

7. B.Sc. Forestry and Wildlife Resources

Duration of DELSU Abraka part time degree program

Delta State University, Abraka part time degree courses last for 5 or 6 years depending on the entry qualification you have.

You’ll spend five (5) years if you’re entering with OND/HND, A’level, or NCE. That means you’ll considered as direct entry candidate.

However, you’ll spend 6 years if you’re entering with only o’level or TC II certificate.

May I also add that the o’level requirement to gain entry into delsu part time degree program is: five (5) credits at a maximum of 2 sittings. And you don’t need to write jamb to enter.

I wish you success in your academic journey into Delta State University, Abraka.

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