Delta State University (DELSU) Abraka predegree courses 2023

Want to study at Delta State University Abraka? Searching for information on DELSU Abraka predegree courses? This page contain all the update you need about the remedial programme.

But first, there is something you need to know about admission into DELSU. It is competitive.

However, there is more than one way to get admission into Delta State University Abraka. UTME, DE, Predegree, and Diploma.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll certainly enter DELSU Abraka to study your dream course this year.

By the way, there are now three state universities in Delta;

The DELSU we mean in this article is; Delta State University, Abraka.

So, let’s get started..

It’s not every course offered by DELSU that you can gain admission into through predegree. Admission into some courses in DELSU require that you write jamb and post utme only, like medicine and surgery.

So my job here today is simple. I will be showing you those courses that you can be admitted into once you finish predegree programme in DELSU.

You can see my post on what is predegree in Nigeria? to know more about the programme and how you can succeed.

Without spending more time, let me take you through the available courses. It’s only the courses on this list that you can select when applying for delsu predegree programme.

After predegree, you gain admission into any of these courses to start from 100level in Delta State University Abraka..

List of DELSU Abraka predegree courses for admission 2022/2023

Below are courses available for admission through delsu predegree programme.

a. Faculty of Agriculture

i. Agricultural Economics

ii. Animal Science

iii. Crop Science

iv. Soil Science

v. Fisheries

vi. Forestry and Wildlife Resources

b. Faculty of Engineering

i. Chemical Engineering

ii. Civil Engineering

iii. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

iv. Mechanical Engineering

v. Petroleum Engineering

c. Faculty of Science

i. Animal and Environmental Biology

ii. Biochemistry Technology (SLT)

iii. Biological Science (SLT)

iv. Biochemistry

v. Botany

vi. Chemistry

vii. Computer Science

viii. Environmental Science (SLT)

ix. Geology

x. Industrial Chemistry

xi. Industrial Mathematics

xii. Microbiology

xiii. Mathematics

xiv. Physics

xv. Physics and Electronics Technology (SLT)

d. Faculty of Education

i. Agriculture Education

ii. Health Education

iii. Biology Education

iv. Political Science Education

v. Chemistry Education

vi. Economics Education

vii. Physics Education

viii. Social Studies Education

ix. Geography Education

x. Religious Studies Education

xi. French Education

xii. History Education

xiii. Fine Art Education

xiv. Guidance and Counselling

xv. Music Education

xv. Mathematics Education

xvi. Home Economics

xvii. Integrated Science

xviii. Library and Information Science

xix. Human Kinetics Education

xx. Business Education

xxi. Computer Education

e. Faculty of Arts

i. English and Literary Studies

ii. French

iii. Fine and Applied Arts

iv. History and International Studies

v. Linguistics

vi. Linguistics/Urhobo

vii. Music

viii. Philosophy

ix. Religious Studies

x. Theatre Arts

f. Faculty of Social Science

i. Economics

ii. Geography and Regional Planning

iii. Mass Communication

iv. Political Science

v. Psychology

vi. Sociology

g. Faculty of Management Science

i. Accounting and Finance

ii. Banking and Finance

iii. Business Administration

iv. Marketing

h. Faculty of Pharmacy

i. Pharmacy

i. Faculty of Basic Medical Science

i. Anatomy

ii. Medical Biochemistry

iii. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

iv. Physiology

j. Faculty of Clinical Science

i. Nursing

Those are the list of DELSU Abraka predegree courses. But then, let me take you through the steps to get admission into delsu via predegree.

How to gain admission into DELSU Abraka through predegree

First, here is Delta State University Abraka entry requirement for predegree programme.

DELSU predegree admission requirement

To gain admission to start predegree at DELSU, you must have at least 5 credits at o’level at a maximum of two (2) sittings. However, those applying for Nursing and Pharmacy must have the 5 credits at one (1) sitting.

The five subjects in which you have the credit should be relevant to the course you want to study.

Regardless of the course you apply for, a credit in English Language and Mathematics is compulsory to do predegree in DELSU.

Entry requirement for admission into 100level after DELSU predegree

While doing your predegree at DELSU, you are required to enrol JAMB that same year. In addition to that, you must meet the minimum DELSU jamb cut off mark for the year of your admission.

In short, here is the process of gaining admission into DELSU Abraka through predegree.

  • enrol for DELSU Abraka predegree.
  • enrol for UTME (JAMB). Make sure you select the correct jamb subject combination for your course.
  • Meet the minimum DELSU jamb cut off mark (it was 170 in 2020 and 160 in 2021).
  • perform well in your predegree mid-semester and final exam.
  • Expect your name in DELSU Abraka admission list.

Once you do all that, then you are most likely to be offered admission into Delta State University Abraka to study your choice course.

I look forward to seeing you enter school this year.

Hope this page helped you learn about DELSU predegree courses and admission? We also have a guide about direct entry admission in Nigeria, in case you’d like to try direct entry.

Hope you liked this information?

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  1. I’m writing jamb next year, will it be a problem if I enroll for pre degree dis year or I shld probably wait for next year

  2. And what if you didn’t take jamb for this year but using the predegree Final exams and UTME written last yr?!

  3. I mistakenly used the jamb for last yr while registering for predegree. Will that be an issue cos I intend to register this yr too. Please advise. Thanks

    1. It might be an issue since the university stated that you should take this year’s jamb for predegree. However, you can update your records to this year’s jamb during the predegree.

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