How to gain direct entry admission into university (2024)

Ever wondered what direct entry admission is?

Well wonder no more because this blog will not only explain what admission through DE means, it will also show you how to gain admission into any Nigerian university through direct entry.

There are several ways to get admission into university in Nigeria. One of such ways is direct entry, abbreviated as DE.

Direct entry admission is entering school without writing UTME in the admission year. Though you might have sat for UTME previously.

Though not a very convenient way to enter a Nigerian university, its worth the heck primarily because one-year advantage it gives while in school.

What does that mean?

When you gain admission into university through direct entry, you start from 200 level instead of year one. So you end up doing a four-year course for three-years.

But you want to know more about direct entry and how to get admission through it. And I’m committed to showing you the way

How to gain admission in Nigeria through direct entry in 2024/2025

First things first. You need to know that direct entry admission was not intended for everybody.

That is, there are category of students that direct entry is most suited for. That’s what you’re about to find out.

Here’s how to get direct entry admission in Nigeria.

1. Have a national diploma or degree

You are eligible for direct entry admission if you hold a national diploma or university degree. That is, a national diploma (ND) from a polytechnic or a diploma from a university or a university degree.

Maybe you graduated from a polytechnic and you still want to attend a university. OR you did a diploma course at university and have desire to have a university degree.

OR you even attended a university but didn’t like the course you study and want to try something else. You can still come back to school through direct entry.

You don’t need to write JAMB again. DE admission is for you if you have any of those diploma or university degree.

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2. Have a JUPEB certificate

JUPEB is a one-year program at a university. On completion, a successful candidate is awarded a JUPEB certificate.

This certificate is to be used to seek DE admission into a university. Either at the university you did the JUPEB or other university.

So having a JUPEB certificate puts you in a strong position for DE admission into a Nigerian university.

3. Have complete o’level result

O’level result is either WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE.

Complete o’level result means having at least 5 credits subjects relevant for the course you want to study. Having a complete o’level result makes you eligible for direct entry admission into a uni in Nigeria.

So regardless of your diploma or JUPEB certificate, an o’level is a basic requirement to get admission through direct entry.

4. Get JAMB Direct Entry (DE) form

Getting a JAMB direct entry form is the first process to getting direct entry admission. The previous tips are what qualifies you for direct entry.

Where do I get it from?

Approach JAMB, just the way you got UTME form..

JAMB direct entry form is usually sold like JAMB form. Often times, application starts once JAMB registration ends.

So you’ll immediately be issued a JAMB DE Registration Number when you get the form.

On your JAMB Direct Entry form, select your first choice university and course.

Submit your DE application form online. That’s it.

You won’t get a chance to be admitted into the university through Direct Entry if you don’t first pick JAMB Direct Entry form.

It’s the first and primary thing to do.

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5. Get your school Direct Entry form

Nigerian universities sell direct entry forms, but that’s usually after JAMB Direct Entry application has ended.

So you have to wait for further instructions from the university you chose. While some universities invite Direct Entry candidates for post utme, other universities don’t. Though all universities sell DE froms.

For example, UNIBEN and some schools conducts post utme for direct entry candidates before admission, whereas UNICAL and others don’t.

In this case, candidates are selected and admitted without any qualifying exam.

6. Wait for admission list

Direct Entry admission list is next after completing the previous processes. Most schools release their DE admission list less than 3 weeks after application ends.

In fact, most universities admission policy dictates that 10% admission slot is reserved for direct entry candidates. So in a case where 100 students are to be admitted, 90% is reserved for UTME and 10% for DE.

Though admission through DE is competitive, you have a great chance of being admitted if you have the minimum requirements mentioned earlier.

Among other things, DE gives you a chance at studying your dream course. If at all you were denied in your previous attempts through UTME.

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241 thoughts on “How to gain direct entry admission into university (2024)

  1. Good afternoon sir
    Pls I want to apply for direct entry into university of Ibadan. I studied accounting in Lagoscity Polytechnic with CGPA of 3.50, is it possible for me to gain admission this year

  2. Good afternoon sir/ma

    Pls is it a must I have JUPEB certificate before I can apply for direct entry

    And is there high possible chance of gaining admission into University of Ibadan. I finished from Lagoscity Polytechnic

    I was told that some schools do not pick all schools that is, they select some students from other schools for direct entry

    1. No. JUPEB certificate is not compulsory for direct entry admission. It’s just one of the qualifications (like your diploma) accepted for direct entry in some universities.
      You are also eligible for direct entry admission into University of Ibadan with your diploma certificate.

  3. Hi sir
    Please I’m currently in my final year second semester. I’m doing Anatomy (BSc) My cgpa currently at 4.0
    Can I buy DE with awaiting result and then upload my result when we’re done with the session?
    Or should I just get normal UTME instead?
    I want to do medicine as second degree

    1. You can actually get DE with awaiting result and upload your result when you’re done with the session. You can also get normal UTME instead. You can also get both. It’s therefore your decision to make, since you now know that you can.

  4. Good daySir I am curious, I graduated with a upper credit in Biochemistry and I want to study medicine as a second degree via DE do I have to create a new jamb account to apply for DE and what are my chances of getting admission in a university like unn or university of Ibadan

    1. Your chances are good. You don’t have to create a new jamb account unless you are also interested in writing jamb.
      For Direct entry, what you have to do is to ‘get jamb direct entry form’ once application opens. Please note that JAMB UTME and JAMB Direct Entry are two different applications.

          1. Sir I’m in my ND 2 second semester, can I buy DE form or it’s till after I get my ond
            Then must it be the course I studied in ond that I must put in DE?
            Hoping for a reply sir

          2. Get your OND first before buying DE form, to avoid placing yourself in a difficult situation.
            No. It’s not only the course you studied that you must put in DE. You can choose another course that is closely related with what you studied in ond.

  5. Sir I have a JUPEB certificate. Do I need to write jamb exam for direct entry? I’m seeing online to go to the Jamb site for the direct entry form. It’s confusing. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes. Even though you already have JUPEB certificate, you’re also required to get JAMB Direct Entry (DE) form and select the university you prefer. This is a mandatory step for direct entry admission in Nigeria.
      And in your own case, JUPEB certificate will then serve as your qualifying document, making you eligible for direct entry admission to start from 200 level in the university.
      Hope this helps.

  6. good morning sir
    i am a cameroonian with a biochemistry degree with upper credit how do i go about studying dentistry in nigeria

    1. No, ND in SLT falls below the entry requirement for direct entry admission to study nursing at most universities in Nigeria. You can check with jamb brochure for your specific university if they allow it.

      1. Good evening sir, please I got a CGPA of 3.40 I studied biochemistry (B.Sc)
        Can I be given a direct entry admission to study pharmacy in UNIBEN??

        1. Yes, because according to jamb brochure, you’re eligible for direct entry admission into uniben with lower credit. The good thing is that you studied a relevant programme for your BSc, making you eligible for admission to study pharmacy in UNIBEN.

      2. I am currently in my final year in a university studying microbiology and will be graduating around April with a CGPA of above 4.0. I want to apply for a direct entry to another university for nursing sciences this year. How do I go about it?
        Thank you.

        1. All you have to do is pick jamb direct entry form, select your preferred university and choose nursing. Depending on your chosen university, you may need to sit for an aptitude test prior to admission.

  7. Hello sir, as a computer science student at Lens polytechnic offa, kwara state
    I enter with dpt form
    So after when I finish my ND level
    can I get direct entry into the university of Ilorin to further in computer science ?
    And please what is the minimum cgpa in order to be given admission

    1. Yes you can enter unilorin to further through direct entry. You must have a graduated with a minimum of upper credit in your ND to gain direct entry admission to study computer science at unilorin.

  8. I study dental surgery technician at college of health sciences and technology can I apply for direct entry using my results. And also will I have to do jamb regularization first.

  9. Hi sir
    I did my ND (Science laboratory technology) in Ogun state and I want to obtain DE form next year
    Can I study biochemistry with 2.68

  10. Good morning sir, I finished my ND (accounting) 2016 in lagos state poly and I came out with upper credit and now I want go for DE into university next year how do I go about it.

    1. Get jamb direct entry form when it becomes available. Select your preferred university and course, and wait for information from your chosen university regarding direct entry admission.

  11. Sir, With CGPA 2.73 in ND and
    One A1 and B3 the rest in all my O’level result can I get admitted with Direct entry into state university

      1. Hi Maxwell,
        Pls, how could a foreigner from North Africa gain admission to into faculty of medicine in any of the Nigerian Universities?

  12. Sir I’m currently studying physiology in unizik , what are the requirements for direct entry into pharmacy dept. and will I go through jamb DE

    1. No, so that you don’t spend money unnecessarily. You should resolve the CO first. When you are through and now have your certificate, you can apply for direct entry admission to any university of your choice.

  13. I will be finishing my ND program this year in pharmaceutical technology so I want to ask if I can apply for direct entry into university to study pharmacy with the CGPA of 3.74 out of 4.00
    How possible is it

      1. Having a ND in community health extension worker can i study medical dr through direct entry or i still need to write jamb

  14. Sir,I want to ask this question.How does direct entry CGPA generated by schools of candidates choice without summission of transcripts.I mean how does the school get to know Direct Entry students CGPA…For admission process

    1. They don’t really know your cgpa unless you submit transcript.
      In another case, the class of diploma (lower or upper credit) you submitted when registering for jamb direct entry is used to assess you too.

  15. Okay thank you for your response sir, i was thinking it’ll show in my transcript that i had an extra year or something.
    Pls sir can i use awaiting result for D.E, maybe if my result isn’t out by then.

    And also sir my jamb combination was English, maths, economics and biology
    Wouldn’t it affect picking a school that uses does courses to study estate management

    1. I understand. Regardless, if your school decides to include it in your transcript (as a passed course in extra year), you will still be offered direct entry admission into university, as long as you get 3 point.
      And yes, you can use awaiting result to apply for jamb DE. But you’re required to upload your complete diploma certificate to jamb DE portal before your choice university start their admission process.
      It won’t affect, because in jamb direct entry admission, jamb subject combinations is not a criteria. Focus is more on your national diploma certificate and o’level result subjects.

      1. Sir pls i am a bit confused now, complete diploma certificate, do you mean the result or certificate of completion?
        What if it isn’t ready then sir

        1. Certificate of completion (your National Diploma certificate), not semester course result. And your certificate need to be ready by the time university admission start, because it would be part of the documents you’ll need for registration once you have been offered admission.

  16. Hello sir, pls is l just finished my ND this year but i have C.O in a course and i will be redoing it, i was on 3.03 before but the C.O dropped me to 2.983 its a 3 unit course i am hoping to step back to 3. When i redo it. Then take D.E. what are the chances of getting admissioj sir. Cus i am scared the extra year might affect me

    1. It won’t affect you. Once you redo the course and step back to 3, then you will be eligible for direct entry admission. Just make sure you pass the course this time.

  17. Hello sir, as an SLT student at Lens polytechnic offa, Quara state
    I enter with dpt form
    So after when I finish my ND level
    can I get direct entry into the university of Ilorin to further in studing Nursing ?

    1. It depends on whether the course you had your diploma in was recognized by jamb at the time of your diploma admission. Otherwise, it’s generally not necessary before registering for direct entry.

  18. Good day sir,I just ended my ND programme and i came out with a cpga of 3.40 in business administration i don’t know if i am eligible for a D.E into university of Abuja.

  19. I want to do direct entry next year, will I write jamb or not?
    Because I’m hearing that everything has changed unlike before.

        1. No. There is difference between JAMB utme and JAMB DE. In utme, you write the normal jamb exam you know. But JAMB has no exam for DE candidates. They only end up writing post utme of the university (if they are invited for such exams by the university).

  20. Please what’s the probability of getting admission into university with upper credit (computer science).

  21. I graduated with 3.05 in computer
    Will I get a chance in the university for a direct entry?

  22. I have my ND certificate in computer science wit 2.80 what is probability of getting admission in computer science in a federal University??

    1. Yes you can. But check to confirm that your school of choice accept nabteb for direct entry admission. Or you can also mention it here so I help you with this.

  23. Sir I just finished my ND and I came out with 2.95 can I use it to study in any university,
    Federal university sir
    Accounting or any related course to accounting

  24. Sir can I apply direct entry with my first class certificate in community health into any university of my choice to study public health or doctor of pharmacy. And please What are the necessary things to do

  25. Good day sir, I have upper credit in dispensing opticianary can I apply for direct entry optometry in Uniben or pharmacology

  26. As an ND student in the department of Office Technology and Management, can I go for DE in Unilorin Sir, and what course will I be offer sir?……

  27. With a diploma certificate of three years course dental surgery technicians from ubth can I apply for dentistry through direct entry in uniben?

  28. Please sir, I just finished my ND program at Osun State Polytechnic and my ND result is not yet ready because of some delays from my school. Can I still apply for a DE at UNILORIN?

  29. Good day Maxwell Tega, I am currently writing my final exams in the department of zoology and environmental biology, Unical with a current CGPA of 4.0 and I wish to seek admission into uniport into the department of Nursing, please is it going to work out? And how to I go about it?

    1. Normally, you pick jamb direct entry form, select uniport as first choice, then pick the university direct entry form, and take part in their screening. That is the process. As for working out, it depends on the specific entry criteria set by the senate of any university in question.

  30. Good day, thank you for this informative post. I am a biotechnology graduate from FUTO. I have a CGPA of 3.56.
    Can I obtain a direct entry admission into Pharmacy in Unilag, Uniben or OAU ?

  31. Please can I gain admission into any university to do DE with a gp of 2.90 and which course can I go for? I studied slt in my national diploma

  32. Please, for a first degree holder, is there a requirement for NYSC discharge certificate for direct entry admission?

  33. I graduated with 3.05 in delta state polytechnic and I studied business administration and management
    Can I do direct entry into university and change my course to banking and finance

  34. Pls it’s been more than 13 years I left university, I v a Bsc, I hope there’s no requirement to provide my previous jamb result or jamb admission no, cos I can’t locate my previous jamb result, I need to run another program through DE. Thanks

  35. As an ND holder in Hospitality magement
    Am i eligble to Process DE in UNIBEN with 2.88 lower credit

  36. Please can I be doing diploma and still buy direct entry in fact is it possible for me to get admission while rounding off my diploma program and the admission eoby backfire??

  37. Good morning sir, my result just came out for my just concluded ND program. Pls, can I still get a direct entry form for this year’s admission?

  38. Please sir ,when you are admitted through direct entry, into any university,what are the the requirements the school that admitted you wil need from your previous school you obtained the ND from, during your registration and clearance processing…..

  39. Hello sir please can I get direct entry to any university in Nigeria to study computer science with my One year IT program certificate from NIIT. Please help

  40. How would you say Microbiology hasn’t reached the requirements of nursing science, pls explain to me because I have deep interest over it too

  41. Please sir, is there any special requirement to gain admission to oau through de my point is 3.27 that’s from ND

    1. CAPS mean Central Admission Processing System. No, simply get jamb direct entry form, buy your school post utme form, and admission is next. So, caps is just a term used by jamb for admission purposes and not what a candidate need or don’t need.

  42. Good evening Sir, I trust you had a great day.

    I am an O,level student and I want to sit in for DE. What would you suggest I get to get in?

  43. Good day sir, I graduated from kwara state college of health tech as an x-ray technical with upper class 3.20, and I want to obtain direct entry form to further more as a radiographer, my O’ level is good and other necessary credentials. Please any advice on which school can accept my result to further as a radiographer

  44. Hello sir I have an nce certificate in electrical/ electronics engineering,can I apply for direct entry at the university of Lagos and please what course can I apply for using this certificate

  45. Please can I get admission to any federal universities with a lower credit 2.97 Statistics National Diploma
    And I want to switch to course like Agricultural economics or Agricultural Extension or just Economics
    Wat of International relations .pls I need your advice thanks

    1. Yes you can get admission, but you may not be eligible to switch to agriculture or economics through direct entry since your diploma was in statistics. You can only be able to continue in statistics or related fields through direct entry. Otherwise you start all over.

    1. I have degree in microbiology and seeking for direct entry to study nursing in any of Nigeria universities…what I don’t understand is this JUPEB certificate….what is all about and must I have it before getting admission?thanks

      1. JUPEB is just another way to get direct entry admission apart from the other ways you may already know. And then, a degree in microbiology does not normally meet the requirement for direct entry admission to study nursing.

  46. Please can a 2.2 graduate of biochemistry apply for nursing via direct entry in uniben or any other university thanks

          1. As an ND holder in accountancy
            Am i eligble to Process DE in ABUJA UNIVERSITY with 2.23

      1. Please can I use Public health Technology ND certificate to gain direct entry into any university to study Nursing?

  47. Pls sir can I get a direct entry into Lasu with lower credit with my ND to study ML or microbiology

  48. What of if you have Upper Credit And Complete O’Level and Also Collecting The DE Form from Jamb And the School Of your Choice, won’t This Process Lead You To Gaining Admission without JUPEB

    1. Yes, you don’t really need JUPEB to gain direct entry admission. As long as you have ND Upper Credit, you already qualify for direct entry admission also into any Nigerian university.

  49. Please sir I had Upper Credit in Business Administration and Mgt and can I do Direct Entry into Lasu to study History and international Relations?

        1. There will be no cgpa for you regarding year 1. Your school will add some courses to your year two courses (from year one) and start collating cgpa for you from year two.

  50. Good evening sir. Do UNICAL conducts post utme for direct entry candidates. And what is their requirements—accept lower credit?

    1. UNICAL hasn’t conducted entrance exam for direct entry candidates before. A minimum of upper credit is required if you are using bachelor’s degree. But the requirement is different if you’re applying with a diploma or other certificate.

  51. A graduate of Biochemistry from Unical with a second class upper wants to go back for a second degree in Radiography in Unical via Direct Entry.
    Please, what are his chances?

  52. Pls sir I just finish my diploma in unilorin can I apply for direct entry at the same sch if yes pls wat are the requirements needed for it

      1. Hello sir please am un graduate but will graduate this year can I gain direct admission into unilorin with an awaiting result and again sir can a worker also gain direct admission into university, worker such as a teacher?

          1. Sir please did school of nursing automatically gives ND which can qualify to D.E? again Sir,if I have the ND for Nursing,can I apply D.E for pharmacy in UNI s with it? thanks

    1. No, that diploma don’t meet the requirements for admission into Nursing through direct entry. Perhaps you can consider other programs for direct entry admission such as microbiology, genetics and biotechnology, public health technology and others.

  53. I did diploma in uyo, diploma in Mass communication can I get a direct entry form into unilag history and strategic studies

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