22 courses you can study with ND SLT via direct entry (DE)

Science Laboratory Technology, popularly known as SLT is a course offered at both polytechnics and universities.

You can either have a National Diploma in SLT from a polytechnic or a BSc. SLT from a university. But on this piece, I’ll be showing you courses available for direct entry at university. That is, if you have an ND in SLT.

So you have an ND in SLT? Are you wondering which course you can study at university with an ND in SLT?

Worry no more. This post contains 7 courses you’re eligible to study at university if you have a National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology.

By the way, aspirants often ask this question….. ‘is SLT a medical course?’

SLT is a basic science course, comprising of physics, chemistry, and biology. Though, a good knowledge of SLT can also be applied in medical field, it is not directly a medical course.

From this assertion, just know that Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) and Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) are not the same. They are entirely two different courses.

Haven known that, let’s proceed with showing you the courses you can study at university with ND SLT through direct entry.

Direct entry courses to study at university with ND in Science Lab Tech

Below are the courses you can gain direct entry admission into university to study with a National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology.

1. B.Sc. Science Laboratory Technology

2. B.Sc. Chemistry

3. B.Sc. Applied Chemistry

4. B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

5. B.Sc. Physics

6. B.Sc. Applied Physics

7. B.Sc. Electronics and Computer Technology

8. B.Sc. Microbiology

9. B.Sc. Genetics and Biotechnology

10. B.Sc. Zoology and Environmental Biology

11. B.Sc. Biochemistry

12. B.Sc. Anatomy

13. B.Sc. Physiology

14. B.Sc. Computer Science

15. B.Sc. Statistics

16. B.Sc. Education Physics

17. B.Sc. Education Chemistry

18. B.Sc. Education Mathematics

19. B.Sc. Education Biology

20. B.Sc. Animal Science

21. B.Sc. Crop Science

22. B.Sc. Forestry and Wildlife Management

But for those who wish to continue with Higher National Diploma (HND), below are courses you can do in HND with ND SLT.

1. Physics/Electronics

2. Microbiology/Biology


4. Biochemistry

5. Chemistry

6. Environmental Biology

7. Genetics and Biotechnology

8. Industrial Chemistry

9. Computer Science

Courses to study at university with HND in SLT

If you hold a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT), you are eligible for direct entry admission into the underlisted courses at any university in Nigeria.

1. B.MLS. Medical Laboratory Science

2. B.Pharm. Pharmacy

3. B.Sc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

4. B.Sc. Physiotherapy

5. B.Sc. Radiography

6. All courses in the faculty of science

Those are the courses you can study with ND or HND in SLT through direct entry at university, or at polytechnic with ND for the HND programme.

In case you are wondering why you didn’t see a medical course there, you observed right. The fact is, an ND in SLT does not qualify you for direct entry admission into any medical course.

Since most universities don’t accept ND SLT for direct admission into medical courses like medicine, pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, medical laboratory science, nursing, or radiography. the only way you can study any of those courses is by rewriting jamb or doing your HND.

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120 thoughts on “22 courses you can study with ND SLT via direct entry (DE)

    1. I may be unable to list all the universities in this comment section. But most universities accept ND SLT for Direct entry admission (to start from 200level) to computer science.

    1. Hematology is a discipline inside Medical Laboratory Science. So you’ll need to gain admission to study MLS, and in your fifth year, you can chose to specialize in the field of Hematology.

    1. Most universities don’t usually accept ND in SLT for direct entry admission into MLS. Though you can still try.
      But I know that HND in SLT meets the direct entry requirement to study MLS at any university in Nigeria.

      1. Good morning sir, please sir can I get direct entry into medical laboratory science with HND physics with electronic thank you sir.

  1. Good day sir, my son wanted to study Biochemistry in university with Upper Credit in SLT , pls i want to know which university can take him as direct Student in Nigeria?

  2. Please Sir what course can I study in polytechnic and get direct entry for medicine in a university….


  3. Is it possible for me to finish my ND SLT and process direct entry into university and still get admission in the same here?

  4. Will a wrong spelling in the last name cost one his/her admission eg Emmanuel Grace Onyeyirichui instead of Emmanuel Grace Onyinyechi

  5. Good morning sire given it’s 10am over here………can i study Biochemistry with ND in SLT (INTENIDNG UNILAG FOR DIRECT ENTRY)

  6. Can I gain direct entry into University of Ibadan with SLT (HND UPPER credit)
    in Physics/production engineering to study mechanical engineering.
    If not, which other University can offer me admission.

      1. Yes sir, can SLT(ND) study Biochemistry Intending for direct entry to Federal University in Ila Orangun

  7. Good day sir
    I am studying SLT in a university, is it possible for me to study MLS through direct entry?
    Please sir I need your advice

    1. No, because the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) hasn’t approved Pharmacy Technician certificate to be used generally for direct entry admission into Pharmacy. Though some universities (like UNIMAID) have gone on to be accepting Pharmacy Technician certificate for direct entry admission into Pharmacy.
      So check with the university you wish to study whether they will accept your Pharmacy Technician ND for Pharmacy admission.

        1. I’m not quite sure you can, because ND in slt does not normally meet the direct entry requirement to study MLS. But HND in SLT comfortably meets the requirement for direct entry admission into MLS at unimaid and abuzaria.

  8. Please sir I need your advice, should I apply for SLT in poly , or should I study public health in collage of health

  9. Pls i study mlt so presently they said there is issue with direct entry stuff cos i heard mlt are not given direct entry again for mls until someone sit for jamb so is the jamb result you will now use

  10. I just finished my nd in SLT so I need you advice maybe i should go for my hnd in microbiology or go and take another course such as public health from the beginning in a college of health

    1. It depends on your long-term goal. If you wish to really work in the health sector in future, you should go take another course like public health, nutrition and dietetics from beginning at university. But if you’re open to working anywhere or starting a business after school, just go for your hnd in microbiology or biochemistry.

    1. It doesn’t meet unilag direct entry admission requirement. Though some universities may consider your certificate for direct entry into medical lab science.

    1. Yes, your slt ND certificate makes you eigible for direct entry admission into any university to study Physics or Physics and Electronics, or other related course.

    1. A good number of universities accept it for direct entry into MLS. So if you mention your desired university, I may be able to give you information pertaining to that university.

  11. What is now the difference between SLT HND microbiology and university microbiology. Please I want to know if I should just further with SLT HND or write direct entry to university

    1. Some universities accept it. But some others don’t accept hnd biochemistry for direct entry admission into nursing science. So mention your desired university, to enable me provide a university-specific answer.

  12. Can I study pharmacy with a strong ND SLT?
    if possible, can you help with universities I can apply to?

          1. Good afternoon sir, please can I study pharmacology or anatomy in unilag or lasu with ND in SLT, lower credit please. If no what are the other courses I can study in unilag or lasu with ND in SLT lower credit,I don’t want microbiology, biochemistry and all sort of courses in HND sir. God bless you as you reply!

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