IMF internship to Washington USA 2022 | fully funded

Graduates around the globe here is an opportunity for you to apply as an intern for the 2022 IMF internship program. Find information on how you can apply below.

The International Monetary Fund internship program is set to be hosted at the IMF headquarters located in Washington, D.C  USA.

It is believed that approximately fifty candidates around the globe will been given the chance to have  an experience on the internship program.

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And what makes you think you can’t have a chance to win?

Everyone have a chance to try and win. That is why here at Wesyc, we give you our best by bringing this opportunities to your notice. We care so much about each and everyone of our followers.

So let’s get you down to everything you need to know about the IMF internship program. We will take you through:

  • the nature of the program
  • eligibility criteria
  • benefits you stand to derive and
  • how the application procedures looks like.

Nature of IMF Internship Program

Company/organisation: International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Program location: Washington, D.C-USA

Program targeted at graduate students.

Program duration: 10 -12 weeks .

Number of awards: 50

Nationality: open to all graduates around the world.

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Who’s eligible?

If you desire to take part in this program, and you wish to apply as an Economic intern then it is advisable that you must have studied either:

  • Monetary and international economics
  • public finance
  • financial markets, or
  • any economics related field

And you must also possess a strong analytical skill, quantitative skill, and must have an excellent command of written and oral English.

And just in case you’re completing a PhD, the IMF requires be a registered student of the PhD programme while applying for the position. In addition, you must be below thirty two (32) years of age.

While students completing their master degree must also follow the same requirements involved with the PhD applicants, but must be below the age of twenty eight (28).

Students for legal departments are not left out as they are required to possess a one or two years completion on LLM, J.D, or an equivalent advanced degree in law and must be below the age of thirty two (32) as well.

That brings us to the end of the eligibility criteria. Now let’s move on to the different benefits you will stand to derive from this program.

What’s on offer?

First, you are entitled to a very competitive salary.

Secondly, a round trip restricted only from your university to the Washington, D.C, USA .

Lastly, you are opportune to a limited medical insurance coverage.

Don’t you see those benefits as spiking?

I know if you have met all the required criteria you will not waist time in trying your luck. Who knows if you can have the ball on your court.

How to apply for the internship

Now that takes us to the application procedures. Interested and eligible candidates for the above mentioned program (IMF internship), you can fully apply online at the IMF career site by the application deadline.

And each one of you are required to provide all the required documents and information in order to be qualified for the program.

When’s the deadline?

As at the time of filing this write up the application deadline was not yet specified.

That brings us to the end of this reading journey, keep being with us, cos we at WESYC treasure you all.

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